Perricone No Blush Blush, Addiction Rose Bar Cheek Polish, Armani Maestro Fusion Blush 500: Review & Swatches

These are the 3 liquid blushes I have. Perricone No Blush Blush is a peach pink, it sheers and blends well. Average lasting power for a liquid. Has a sponge tip applicator. I don’t buy the skincare benefits use for my cheeks as the area I place it in on my cheeks has the least wrinkles or aging issues. Right? All out cheeks like the apples, who has major issues there? So the idea of spending extra for a skincare benefit in an area that I don’t need it is useless. It’s a nice color if you like peachy pinks, adds a natural glow. So for that it’s good. It’s a 10mL bottle and has 13.8% zinc oxide.

Armani Maestro foundation is a favorite for me, so a blush was worth buying all 3 when it came out, and a bronzer. The blush 500 is my favorite of the 3. I have actually gotten rid of the other 2 Armani ones as they just weren’t for me color wise. They were a plum and coral. 500 is a pink/rose. This Armani blush is very pigmented you need 1/2 drop-1 drop for both cheeks I swear. It lasts forever too. It will last a long time, a half size & half price bottle would have been nice. I would also love a more nude/pink color one day. Just a touch more natural than 500.This has a dropper style applicator, I use my fingers or a brush. It stains your skin for a period after. The bottle is a 15mL bottle.

Addiction by Ayako Cheek Polish in Rose Bar is a Japanese brand I get off Ichibankao. It has a brush style applicator like a over sized nail polish. It’s a nice easily blended fluid. It’s the most neutral rose of the bunch. It’s not muddy on me and has an average lasting power for a liquid blush. It’s a 12mL bottle.

All shades are non shimmery. Top to Bottom: Perricone, Armani, Addiction:


  1. Hi, so far is the best place. They are also on and I want to say cherry store cosmetics, but the two later are more expensive than the first. So I use Ichibankao, they are a custom purchase type store, so no returns and you pay a markup, but no other way to get them in the US. No stores in the US, only in Asia and besides Japan I'm not sure on the other countries that would have a store. Ebay has Japanese sellers as well that list an occasional item. But if you're in the US, online Ichibankao is the best and really only place to get it right now.

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