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Personalized hair care is really taking off. I’ve been using the Prose hair care line for about 5 weeks or so and I’m ready to tell you about it. Prose is a custom hair care line. You create your profile online and get a free consultation for a trio of hair care products tailored to your hairs specific needs. I never really thought about custom hair care before but after using it I can say there’s something special about it. I love the idea of being able to tailor hair care to my needs & environment.

The set is a trio with a mask, shampoo & conditioner. The mask is actually a pre-treatment mask. Meaning you apply before shampooing. This is not a typical before shampoo hydrating mask. This is a mask meant to open the cuticles allowing the shampoo and conditioner to work better. It’s a light gel cream texture and mine has a slight grit to it. You apply to the roots after wetting your hair. Massage the mask into your scalp and leave it on for 15 minutes prior to shampoo. I’m normally in a hurry in the morning and I don’t get 15 extra minutes, but even 5-10 has been effective for me.

The shampoo is sulfate free and has a light texture. All Prose products are sulfate, paraben, mineral oil, dye, GMO & cruelty free. The conditioner is a light conditioner. It doesn’t weight my hair down but does the job. Prose ships with the pumps on the side and you can add them in later. This prevents leaking during shipping.

You can see the first page above shows my diagnostic data. This is the results of what I entered as my hair and scalp needs. It also lists my goals and the routine I should be using with frequency. You can see I have the Ispahan scent as mine which was the signature scent.

The second page shows the ingredients. The thing I loved about this line and custom hair care in general is the focus on ingredients like skincare. I never pay attention beyond sulfate free and the type of shampoo I’m buying normally. You can see they list the ingredients in your products but check the box next to which of the three it’s in. For example collagene, lilac & hyaluronic acid is in all three but oat lipid + sunflower seed extract is only in my conditioner. I really liked them sending me the more scientific breakdown.

So does this custom system work? OMG yes! It was easily the most impressive hair care I’ve used to date as far as performance goes. One use and my hair was stronger, healthier looking, shiny & bouncy all with less oily roots. This line has really helped my hair become balanced. My waves look better & overall my hair feels healthy. My scalp feel less itchy, more healthy & it’s not oily anymore. I was so impressed & I didn’t expect to be which was a pleasant surprise. I do wish the fragrance was a bit lighter. It was a bit overpowering for me. That’s my only criticism. I would love this with a light natural coconut scent. I would totally recommend looking into the line and trying it once. You can create your 5 minute consultation HERE.


*This set was gifted by brand but all opinions are my own

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