Rahua Hair Wax Review

Rahua is a natural hair care brand that’s based on the rahua oil from the Amazon rainforest. It’s a pricey line of hair care with only a few products, they have also recently added three body products. This hair wax is something I normally would not buy, but it came in my SpaceNK beauty bag from October. It’s a creamy style wax which is why I decided to try it. I’ve used regular more waxy or clear pomades and waxes in the past. While they do add some hold to long hair and texture, sometimes they just end up being too sticky. So I stopped using them.

You can see it has a creamy white texture. It’s less waxy and sticky than clear pomades or waxes. That creamy texture makes it lighter not only in texture, but how it feels in my hair. It doesn’t weigh my hair down like the clear ones do. However, you do have to be careful as too much will make your hair look greasy. It’s great for smoothing flyaways as well. Overall, I like this wax. It’s more natural looking in my hair, it gives soft texture and hold, and it has great ingredients. It retails for $32. While I wouldn’t have bought it normally, it was a pleasant surprise and the large 89 ml tub will last a very long time.

The main ingredients are: water, castor seed oil, glycerin, rahua/ungurahua oil, green tea leaf extract, molasses extract, palo santo oil, carnauba wax, citric acid and rosemary leaf extract. Per their website the carnauba wax provides the staying power yet rinses out easily, the ungurahua nourishes hair strands and the palo santo offers the signature fragrance in all their products. If you like hair waxes but dislike their normal clear stiff texture, give this one a try.

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