Random Eyeshadows: MAC, NARS, Armani, Rouge Bunny Rouge, Cle de Peau: Swatches

This is a post with a bunch of random eyeshadow swatches. MAC’s Alluring Aquatic collection this last summer was full of fun packaging with the teal metallic cases and clear resin water drops on the outside. I got a few items, the only eyeshadow I liked was Silver Sun Extra Dimension eyeshadow. Silver Sun is a shimmery dirty seafoam green. It can be used wet or dry. Dry has a sheer lightweight texture, I have not tried it wet yet as dry is enough color for me. I never use colored eyeshadows like this, I have blue eyes and for me I just prefer neutrals. However, this color was so striking it was pulling me like a Barracuda to some shiny object. I’ve only worn it once, but I can’t part with it as it’s too pretty. I’m hoping this summer I’ll try it again. The texture is divine, it’s even and easy to apply. It lasts an average time. This was limited edition and $19.50 and was well worth the price.

Armani Eyes to Kill in #30 or Rose Popillia is a stunning unique color as well. The texture is lightweight, smooth, easy to apply and blend. It lasts 12 hours easy. It’s actually a loose style pigment packed into a glass jar. Keep the small plastic press they give you when you buy an Eyes to Kill eyeshadow as it keeps it in place versus breaking up. The color is a complex shimmery rose pink in a grey base. It applies sheer dry, and can be built up a little dry, but if you want it really dark and opaque you’ll have to apply it wet. I like this as an occasional brow bone highlight or inner corner shade. It almost has like a lit from within glow effect. It’s not a shade I use often, but it’s to pretty to get rid of. It was limited edition. The retail is $34. It’s a large jar that will last forever, so I say yes this was worth the price.

NARS Andromeda is part of the Dual-Intensity eyeshadow collection. It has a lightweight, finely milled smooth texture that can be used wet or dry. Andromeda is described by NARS as Alabaster, but it’s almost like a vanilla color with pink and gold very fine shimmer. It reminds me of a finely milled less shimmery MAC Vanilla pigment. It’s smooth, and easy to apply and blend. I tried it dry only. It lasts a good amount of time. This is a great highlight shade. It retails for $29 so it’s a pricey single eyeshadow. This shade was one of the least shimmery of the Dual-Intensity bunch. For the price it didn’t blow me away, but it was a nice eyeshadow overall.

Cle de Peau Satin Eye Color in 111 is a milk chocolate very slightly shimmery neutral brown. It’s a great easy neutral base shade. The texture is buttery, it applies evenly and blends well. It’s $45 for a single which makes it really pricey. I only tried it because it was on sale on My Habit for around $25. Is it worth $45, probably not. It’s not unique enough to have to have it for that price. It’s worth $25 though.

In the palette at the top I have a L’Oreal Holographic eyeshadow in King’s Ransom. I’ve had this forever, it’s one of those colors I don’t use often but it’s unique enough to not get rid of. It’s a buttery textured shimmery light to medium warmer plum that has a slight hint of gold when you tilt it. It applies even and lasts well. In the middle is Rouge Bunny Rouge Rufous-tailed Weaver. On the website it’s describe as a true medium taupe with bronzy-gold highlights. To me it looks like a medium shimmery cooler brown with an almost olive/grey lean. Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadows are amazing, the texture is finely milled, smooth, applies even and lasts a long time. The only thing is the majority of their eyeshadows are cool toned or have a purple lean and they don’t work for me sadly. I would love to see some warmer colors one day. This one is pretty neutral in general but is slightly cool. They retail for $25 for a pot or $19 for a pan.

I have three MAC eyeshadows: Smut, Patina and Vex. Vex was one of my first MAC shadows and is a frost finish, MAC describes it as a beige with green and pink pearl. It comes off as a greyish beige with the pink shimmer being the visible part. This has been one of my favorite highlight shades for a long time, I’ve even had this pan for probably 14 years. Patina is also a frost and described as a taupe brown with golden pearl. It’s a light slightly greyed beige brown with pink shimmer. Smut is a velvet and described as a muted black with red shimmer which is pretty right on. They all retail for $16 for a pot or $10 for a pan.The frost shades can be hard in the pan and require a stiffer brush like goat to apply, you won’t get a good application with a squirrel brush. Smut is a little easier to apply, it’s a touch softer. It has a sheer feel on application, it can be layered to be darker but it’s not an intensely pigmented black shade. It’s a great crease or outer corner shade. It blends in well. MAC shadows are typically not my favorite formula of all time as they can be drier and harder to apply, they also are inconsistent from finish to finish and shade to shade.

Top L L’Oreal Holographic King’s Ransom, top R MAC Vex, Middle Rouge Bunny Rouge Rufous-tailed Weaver, bottom L MAC Smut, bottom R MAC Patina.

Top to bottom: MAC Silver Sun, NARS Andromeda:

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Rose Popillia:

Cle de Peau Satin Eye Color 111:

L to R: MAC Silver Sun, MAC Smut, RBR Rufous-tailed Weaver, Cle de Peau 111, MAC Patina, MAC Vex, NARS Andromeda, Armani Rose Popillia, L’Oreal King’s Ransom.

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