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Hi! So I have been in this extended stay hotel now for about a month now, after our move to Texas from Montana. The move was hard on my almost 14 year old kitty Sunshine and she’s been sick, but seems to hopefully be on the upward slope. Here she is in what would be her usual spot on the floor by my chair, while I sit on the computer.

She’s kept me busy, along with finding out that I’m pregnant right before Christmas. I’ve just been exhausted and haven’t been on here as much. I feel like I’m finally on the upward slope too energy wise. We closed on our house and I get to paint later this week, then move in some this weekend and mostly early next week. I’m very excited to get out of this hotel, unpack and feel normal again.

I’ve had my eye on a bunch of new stuff: Armani’s Eye Tints in Flannel, Senso and Rose Ashes; YSL’s new Couture Mono eyeshadows in Facon, Dedale and Exces; Chanel’s new Rouge Coco formula revamp; Addiction’s Shell Garden eyeshadow and THREE’s Lip Jam in #10; Charlotte Tilbury’s new lip scrub and balm; The Armani Runway Capsule Collection has a compact that looks amazing, and I caved and bought it off Neiman’s last night, as well as the Omorovicza Mineral UV Shield. It was perfect timing that this just came out, as I need a physical block, and anything by Omorovicza is amazing as usual. I still want to try Drunk Elephant’s sunscreen and John Masters Organics as well.

I’ve been dying to try the Zelens Lip Glaze in Nude for months so I finally caved and ordered it. Along with these two I Profumi di Firenze Fragrances as they were half off on Barney’s website last week. I knew they wouldn’t last long in stock and I had really wanted to try two of them for a while now, so I caved on them as well. Frangipane e Cocco is a nice subtle warm coconut scent. It’s has frangipani, coconut, blood orange and frankincense, but it smells very coconutty, not like a sunscreen but just a nice warm light coconut. It’s not sickeningly sweet or gourmand, but I would say the coconut is the most prominent, but it has a bit of sweetness to it. Heeley’s Coccobello is a much greener coconut fragrance if you don’t like sweet. Brezza di Mare is a sea, citrus scent. It has sea salt, bergamot, lemon, lime and watermelon. I can smell the sea salt and the faint watermelon the most in this, which is a nice twist on a sea salt fragrance. Both are great for summer. They do not state EDT or EDP but it says natural spray on the box so I assume EDT. I have not tested these yet for longevity(you’re not supposed to wear fragrance until you’re past the first trimester so I have two weeks before I test one) but my guess it poor, these seem like a typical Hermes EDT scent in longevity and silage.

So expect to see reviews for the previous post with Zelens primers, Zelens Nude Lip Glaze, the Armani palette and Omorovicza UV Shield. I’ll order the THREE and Addiction stuff once I have an address to ship it to next week. Next I’m sure will be the YSL Mono eyeshadows and Armani Eye Tints. The light in this dungeon of a hotel room has made it difficult to try and shoot photos of anything, so I’m just waiting until we move in. You’ll see what I mean when I post the Chanel Atmosphere Nail Polish review soon which I shot in this hotel room. It was OK lighting, but not as good as usual.

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