R+Co AIRCRAFT Pomade Mousse: Review

I’ve tested out a few things by R+Co. I love any kind of hair texturizing product and grabbed Aircraft Pomade Mousse a few months back. Details per R+Co:

A mousse with a split personality. Perfect for creating second-day texture and separation while retaining body. Great on wavy or curly hair.

Good for: Studiously messy styles on any kind or length of hair.

How To: Its mousse formulation makes Aircraft easier to apply than a pomade. Rub between your hands and work through the hair.

Fragrance: RELATIVE PARADISE – A bright, earthy composition. Sicilian Lemon, Tangerine, Eucalyptus, Green Tea, Tree Moss, Crisp Amber

Benefit Ingredients:

Vegetable Protein, this powerful hair-strengthening ingredient increases moisture content.
Neem Oil, sourced from Central America, this oil strengthens and maintains the hair’s moisture levels.
Papaya Extract, produced in Australia, this extract creates volume while adding body and shine. 

The texture is like a mousse, foamy and pretty average feeling for a mousse.  The first couple times I used this I used too much and it made my hair too sticky for my tastes. I learned to start with a small dollop rubbed through my whole head, then concentrate a little extra at the ends and in the front. This works a lot better so my advice is start with just a little, then add more where you need more.

It does have a citrus earthy scent which I like. What I love about this, once used properly, it does what it says and gives second day texture with body and shine. It doesn’t dry my hair out as much as salt sprays. It gives more texture than regular mousse, but is less dry than a sea salt spray. If you like texture products and want body, separation without the dryness you might like this one.

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