R+Co Rockaway Salt Spray: Review

I recently did a hair texturizers and salt spray post where I compared several brands and products. I mentioned wanting to try the R+Co Rockaway Salt Spray. So I got it to try. This will be the last salt spray I buy for a while as I have enough now, unless an amazing new one comes out.

This is a plastic 4.2 fl oz bottle and retails for $25. According to the R+Co website the main active ingredients are: cranesbill which swells the hair shaft, yarrow plant extract to impart body and fullness, balm mint which prevents color fading, sage to revitalize and strengthen, and vitamin C. SpaceNK is where I got it from, their ingredient list adds: denatured alcohol, magnesium sulfate, castor oil, aloe vera, lemongrass and witch hazel and potassium sorbate.

Check out my previous review of the other products here. The first time I tried this product I applied too much and it made my hair greasy and dirty. It’s not a stiff feeling or crunchy, just oily and dirty. Second time I learned and applied lighter, it worked well for texture and light waves that were not crispy. Just be aware you can overdo this one because of the oils. It’s not drying on the hair and has a pleasant light beachy scent.

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