Red Lipstick Comparison & Swatches

With Christmas this week I was thinking it was time to get my red lipstick comparison post up. I love red, I don’t wear it as much anymore as I like to but beyond neutral my lips but better colors, I wear red. I can’t stop collecting new, unique and different formulas of red. I prefer neutral or blue based reds in full coverage formulas.

L to R: Besame Red Matches(1920 Red), Armani Lip Maestro #400, MAC Viva Glam Rihanna, MAC Russian Red, Tom Ford Slander, Urban Decay Gash, Urban Decay Bad Blood, Charlotte Tilbury So Marilyn, Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet Red, Charlotte Tilbury 1975 Red:

L Besame Red Matches(1920 Red), R Armani Maestro #400. The matches are cute, I have to admit I haven’t used them past swatching them yet. They would be great for going out, do a touch up and toss the used stick. Plus it was $6 and a good way to test the Besame formula out. However, for $6 you don’t get much. It seems like a nice creamy traditional medium blue based red. I haven’t tried any of the Armani Lip Maestro’s before this one. I was thinking it would dry down more like a stain, but it’s actually more a liquid lipstick than a dry matte liquid. It’s moisturizing and comfortable to wear. I like the formula and may look out for more. It’s a pretty traditional neutral medium red with average lasting power for this type of creamy lipstick.

L MAC Viva Glam Rihanna, R MAC Russian Red. MAC Russian Red was one of my first reds, besides Urban Decay Gash. The formula is matte, it’s got good lasting power, more than a creamy lipstick. It’s not super drying like the Retro Mattes which are too much for me. It’s a neutral medium red. I was drawn to Viva Glam Rihanna for the shimmer. It’s lighter and warmer than Russian Red, and a creamy formula versus matte so it lasts less because of the creamy formula. It’s more comfortable to wear than Russian Red as well as it’s more moisturizing. This is one of the best shimmery reds that I’ve tried lately, the shimmer actually shows up. It’s not a metallic red, I’m still looking for a true red that is metallic/shimmery. How I would love Hourglass Siren Lip Gloss in a lipstick.

L Tom Ford Slander, Middle Urban Decay Gash, R Urban Decay Bad Blood. I love the creaminess of Tom Ford’s lipsticks. Slander is a slightly shimmery lighter blue based red that has a pink hint to it when applied. It’s not what I was looking for, I wanted it to be more like MAC Viva Glam Rihanna. I love Urban Decay’s Revolution Lipstick formula, it’s creamy and moisturizing and comfortable while being pigmented. The original Gash lipstick was my favorite red of the ’90s but it was terribly drying. I was excited to get the new much better formula version. I feel it’s a slightly different color, less metallic, but I no longer have the original metal case one to be able to compare. This version is a deep blue based slightly shimmery red and I talked about it here. Bad Blood is matte, yet still moisturizing, it’s a deep neutral red. I just reviewed it here.

Top Charlotte Tilbury So Marilyn, Middle Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet Red, Bottom Charlotte Tilbury 1975 Red. I love Charlotte Tilbury’s lipsticks, they’re comfortable to wear. So Marilyn is a traditional neutral red in a creamy formula. I talked about it here. Charlotte’s Matte Revolution lipsticks are one of my favorite formulas. Creamy, matte, moisturizing all in one. Red Carpet Red is a traditional deeper blue based red. I talked about it here. 1975 Red is a lighter orange based red from the Norman Parkinson Collection which I talked about here.

Top to Bottom: Charlotte Tilbury 1975 Red, Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet Red, Charlotte Tilbury So Marilyn, Urban Decay Bad Blood, Urban Decay Gash, Tom Ford Slander, MAC Russian Red, MAC Viva Glam Rihanna, Armani Maestro #400, Besame Red Matches(1920 Red):


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