Rouge Bunny Rouge Colour Burst Lipstick: Review & Swatches + Sip of Pink

The Colour Burst Lipstick by Rouge Bunny Rouge is by far one of my favorite formulas. They are creamy, moisturizing and fairly pigmented. They have an average lasting power of a few hours. They don’t dry my lips out like some moisturizing formulas. I have 5 to review. All allow some of the natural lip color to peek through they are not fully opaque but they have good coverage.

First is Irreverence, Unrestricted & Nothing Unknown. These are all your lip but better shades. Irreverence is a nude pink. It has no shimmer. Unrestricted is a shimmery deeper pinked nude. The shimmer is a white/silver color. Nothing Unknown is a paler nude with a blue/purple iridescence.

L to R: Irreverence, Unrestricted, Nothing Unknown.

The next set is Watch Out Eve, Prey of Lust & Sip of Pink. Watch Out Eve is a shimmery peachy pink. Prey of Lust is a non shimmery peachy nude. Sip of Pink is not the Colour Burst formula it’s a Shimmering Luxe Balm. Sip of Pink is a clear base with pink opalescence. It’s very moisturizing, smells like vanilla and is a nice tinted lip balm. 

L to R: Watch Out Eve, Prey of Lust, Sip of Pink.

The Colour Burst is by far one of my favorite items by Rouge Bunny Rouge. I know most love their eyeshadows, and I do too. While I find the eyeshadows have an excellent formula, the colors tend to be too cool for me. I would love to see them expand with more neutral/warm shades.

L to R: Sip of Pink, Prey of Lust, Watch Out Eve, Irreverence, Unrestricted, Nothing Unknown.

Top to Bottom: Nothing Unknown, Unrestricted, Irreverence, Watch Out Eve, Prey of Lust, Sip of Pink.

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