Rouge Bunny Rouge Evanescence Imperceptible Powder Eidola: Review

I’ve been wanting to try this new Rouge Bunny Rouge Imperceptible Powder for a while. I struggled for a while on which shade to grab and ended up grabbing Eidola.

Per Rouge Bunny Rouge:

Allow the veil of perfection touch your skin in a soothing, harmonizing caress that comes with the benefits of modern anti-aging science.
Our Imperceptible Powder EVANESCENCE is suitable for all skin types and feels wonderfully comfortable and soft even on dry skin. Enriched with efficient active ingredients, the compact minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes, creating a nearly invisible, flawless, “bare skin but better”-finish.
The formula contains, among other agents, the skin-protecting Vitamins E and C from Rose Hip Oil, and D’Orientine S, a potent anti-oxidant, regenerative and anti-wrinkle complex with barrier function.
The uniquely delicate, tender, extended-wear texture is highly blendable with a natural finish, making the Imperceptible Powder EVANESCENCE your trusted ally all day long.

The shiny compact comes in a cute round box with one thin puff. It has the cute ‘double R’ logo on it as well. The pattern on this powder rivals Chanel’s artistic patterns. It was hard to want to mess the design up. But I did, and I’m not sorry because it’s a fabulous texture. Very lightweight and finely milled. It disappears into the skin for a light powder finish that’s not chalky, powdery or heavy looking at all. It’s not drying either. I would say it lives up to it’s claims. It is one of the best powders I’ve used in some time.

Eidola is described as a medium coverage chestnut beige. I was afraid it might be too dark as it’s the darkest in the range. It’s really just a neutral medium shade. Because it’s sheer enough I can see a variety of skin tones being able to use this from light to medium. The product is fabulous all around. The only thing I can think of is there’s no options for anyone with darker skin tones past medium. It is higher up there retailing for $48, but it has lasted me for quite some time with daily use.

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