Sephora Play! December Subscription Box

I had pretty much swore off subscription boxes earlier this year. They were fun at first, I was into trying all these new things. After a while it got old, same old black eyeliners and fragrance samples I’ll never use. I think it’s hard when you’re a beauty junkie and you’ve tried so much, and are really picky about what you like. However, Sephora came out with Play! as a trial and here in Texas I the trial is open through a waiting list, so I decided to try it.

Here’s the first month I got-December:

Inside is: surprise black eye liner by MUFE; a Flowerbomb sample, which I’ve already tried; Fresh Seaberry Oil, which I like and have tried; Dr Brandt PoreDermabrasion, I’ve tried this too; NUDE Advanced Renewal Serum, 7 packets and I’ve tried this; and a Smashbox eyeshadow duo with a matte peachy nude and glittery nude.

It comes with a booklet as well with tips on each product. There’s also a little Play! card you can take into the store to use get a teaching session on the months products, plus it says it adds 50 bonus points with any purchase. Honestly, I would only use the card for the bonus points not the session. I feel like I already know and understand the products, but I could see that being of use to a beginner wanting to try new products and ultimately really what these boxes are good for. Someone who wants to explore more. 

I’ll give it a few more months to see what comes in future boxes. This one felt like samples of stuff I’ve already used a bunch or could have gotten added to my cart in the future. Like I paid for samples I’ve tried multiple times. I’m hoping these boxes are a way for Sephora to get newer products out there. I’d like to see at least one item be a newer just released item versus all old products. The box is super cute and It’s only $10.


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