Sephora Play! January Box

Here’s the January Sephora Play! Subscription Box. Check out my Subscription Box page for more details on all the Subscription Boxes I’ve tried. 

Inside was:
-Living Proof Prime Style Extender Spray
-Dr Brandt Needles No More 
-Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight
-Sephora Honey Eye Mask 1 Pair
-Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Original 3 Sets
-Tocca Isabel, looks like a 2 ml sample

The theme was No Appointment Necessary and this was the booklet(and it came with the pass card):

I liked this one better than last month. I won’t use the Living Proof item just because I’m really all about the wash and air dry right now. I don’t really use too many styling products beyond salt spray. I did just get a sample of the Dr Brandt Needles No More as well, so with two I can test it better. The Clinique highlight is so cute, I wish Sephora made items like this 100 point rewards. Honey is always my favorite in a skincare item so I was happy to get this version of the eye mask. There was either rose, lotus, green tea or honey. I know I’ve tried the Dr Dennis Gross pads in the past, but I’ll use them again. I’m glad they weren’t the glow tanner ones. I feel like the glow ones always get thrown in and I never use them. I like Tocca so always nice to try their new scents.

This months tips:

I agree and disagree with the order of the skincare wheel above. I usually do a treatment toner before mist, then serum. The reason I do mist after is I feel wiping a treatment toner with a cotton square on top of mist will just remove it. Applying mist after keeps it on longer. So I would make step 5 treatment toner, then step 6 face mist then serum. I can see the logic in it, the facial mist is thinner therefore it should go on first, but I still can’t get past that you’re probably just wiping it off with a cotton square right after anyway so what’s the point? 

I’ve never thought of a sheet mask after serum, I might do serum after since they’re usually expensive and I wouldn’t want it to get rinsed off by the mask. I could see it after toner as you just rub in the excess like a serum when you remove the sheet mask. So you could make step 6 face mist and sheet mask the make step 7 serum. 
I don’t do step 10, night masks. I feel I should just be using the right serum and moisturizer anyway and they’re always too rich for me to add on top of a cream anyway. I would use one in place of a night moisturizer but not in addition to. I would make my step 10 facial oil.

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