Sephora Play! The Iconic Edition Box

I subscribe to the Sephora Play! monthly subscription box. Sephora just had a VIB Rouge only exclusive box on the site called The Iconic Edition. A curated assortment of luxury’s most iconic brands and products. 

Discover the best in luxury. This exclusive, limited-edition box is only available online and includes six deluxe samples from Sephora’s top luxury brands curated by our experts. PLAY! by SEPHORA: The Iconic Edition is an individual set of luxury items, not a monthly subscription. 

You had to buy the box for $20 and it’s not a monthly subscription. It comes with a square gold metallic fabric bag. The bag is very shiny and reflective like gold faux patent leather. The brochure has more pages than the usual subscription box, it explains why each item in the box is iconic and has a quiz at the end about your beauty style type. Of course I didn’t fit into any of the categories they listed.

Inside is six deluxe minis.

YSL Volupte Shine Oil-In-Stick Lipstick in 49 is a bright creamy almost neon fushia coral pink. Sadly it’s not my shade at all. Too bad they didn’t include a neutral that was easy for everyone to wear.

I actually haven’t tried Burberry’s Cat Lashes Mascara. I will be excited to try that one.

The Guerlain L’Or Radiance Face Primer has some mixed reviews but I will be trying the gold infused primer and hoping it’s good for me. It does have alcohol in the first few ingredients so we’ll see how my skin does with it. 

I’ve used La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream time and time again. I love that it’s a lighter version of the original. The original is way too heavy for me. This is a fabulous cream. I will use it every time I get it.

I used to wear the original Dior Poison for years. It’s been so long since I stopped wearing it I can’t remember what it smells like anymore to be able to compare to this new Poison Girl. Since this is a ‘iconic box’ I find it odd they included a new version of Poison versus the original. This is a cute little 5ml bottle. This smells light, sweet and I see the vanilla gourmand descriptions fitting it. It’s too gourmand for me.

Tom Ford Black Orchid is a deep orchid warm spicy floral. It’s got this unique scent to it. It’s dark, deep, warm and floral. I used to have a larger rollerball. It has just this odd undertone to it. It smells unlike anything else I’ve used.

Three of the six items are just OK for me. I’m not into the two fragrances and the lipstick is way too bright for me. I’m really happy about the La Mer and Burberry mascara. I could go either way on the Guerlain primer. I will try it but I would have never even looked at it without this box. The value of the La Mer is double the cost of the box so I’m happy with buying it overall.

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