Sisley November Subscription Box

The November Sisley Subscription Box just showed up on my door. This months theme is ‘THE PARTY’ to get you ready for the holiday season. Inside is:

Express Flower Gel Mask-I love this it’s a nice quick hydrating gel mask. I talked about it here.

Instant Perfect-This is new for me to try. I’ll toss this primer into the rotation.

So Intense Mascara-This will be next up for me to try. I just finished my last mascara today, so good timing.

Phytobuste¬†+ Decollete-I’m not totally convinced on needing a separate neck/bust cream. I feel you can just use a well formulated one for your face, plus serums. I’ll try it out.

Eau du Soir Body Cream-Eh, I’m not¬† huge perfumed lotion lover. I’ll use it but it’s Sisley I’m sure it’s flowery and powdery, not my usually favorite in a body cream or lotion.

Thoughts will be in the Samples/Empties post once I’m done with all of them. Stay tuned.Visit the Sisley Subscription Box here for details.

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