Sisley Paris Lipstick Swatches & Review: Phyto Rouge L32, Phyto Lip Shine 1, 3, 13

I have four Sisley lipsticks to talk about. I was mostly curious about the Phyto Lip Shines. I did get one Phyto Rouge to try as well.

They come with a red or black velvet cover. Honestly, I have two of each color so I think one color maybe phased the other out. The gold case with the black S is the Phyto Rouge, which has a chiseled tip. The other three Phyto Lip Shines are silver with a red S and are a typical lipstick shape.

These are pricey which is why I don’t have many. It looks like they recently went up from $50 to $52 for the Phyto Lip Shine, and $55 to $57 now for the Phyto Rouge Hydrating Long Last Lipstick.

The Phyto Rouge is supposed to be a long lasting yet moisturizing lipstick. It’s creamy, lightweight, lasts fairly well and is comfortable to wear. I have L32 which is Rose Cashmere. I thought this would be the most nude pink your lip but better shade in the current bunch online, but it’s a tad darker than that level for me. It’s a non shimmery medium neutral rose with a slight nude tone. Some of the photos can make it look cool, but it’s neutral to warm in some lights. I would love to try this formula in a touch lighter color. I just no longer have a counter near me to go swatching. Of course I had access to testing them for over 10 years, then after moving away from Denver last year, now I want to play with them. Figures. There’s also not a ton of swatches online to guess from. Is it worth the $57? Probably not. Not unless I could find a shade I loved vs one that is just OK. These lipsticks also have a crayon type scent I noticed, no odd taste, just that scent you get from some French lipsticks.

The Phyto Lip Shines are a glossy, shiny moisturizing lipstick. They are sheer, really hydrating and more like a glossy almost balm style lipstick. They are all shimmery to some degree. I have #1 or Sheer Nude, #3 or Rose & #13 or Sheer Beige. Sheer Nude is a sheer peachy nude. The shimmer is barely visible. Rose is a shimmery pink. The shimmer is visible in this one on. The shimmer does have not a full on gritty feeling, but it’s slightly there on this one, it’s not enough to annoy me as I don’t use any lip product that it too gritty. Sheer Beige is my favorite, it’s a sheer almost chocolate brown or deep beige color. This is slightly shimmery on, and it looks dark scary in the tube but goes on a nice nude shade. I love this formula and know not everyone will as the sheerness may be too much for you. I hate sheer that looks clear, and these are not those, they have some pigment but are sheer. They add to your natural lip tone. They last maybe 1-2 hours, feel thick enough on, not sticky but there is enough oils in the formula to stick on your lips. They have other darker more pigmented colors or orange red and pink in this range, I’m not a fan of those colors so I don’t have them, but I know Sisley makes them. Rosewood or #4 is like the slightly cooler version of L32 in this formula. Overall, I love this lipstick formula it’s perfect for me and what I prefer.

L to R: Rose, Sheer Nude, Sheer Beige, Rose Cashmere

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