Some Current Favorites

Time to talk about a few things I’ve been reaching for a lot lately. I’ve mentioned Ava Luxe’s Black Coconut perfume oil in the past. Since the weather has been in the 80s this last week here in Texas I’ve already started thinking about Summer. Which means coconut scents. I love beachy coconut scents, they are my favorite. This one is a sweet, boozy, deep coconut. Yet it manages to be natural. I slather it on with no remorse.

Sisley Paris  Sisleya Le Teint Anti-Aging Foundation is a recent discovery and I’m so glad I splurged. It’s a light to medium satin finish foundation that just feels like skin, and skincare at the same time. I have shade 2.5 in Linen. More to come on that one.

I’ve been a lover for many years of Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatments. New shade Bloom is a light medium neutral pink with a kiss of shimmer. It has a staple place in my bag right now. Review here.

I didn’t have good luck with SUQQU’s original Frame Fix liquid foundation. It was too dry so I skipped the Frame Fix Foundation Lightness when it first launched. I have been on a foundation kick again so I grabbed shade 203. I like it, more dewy, skin-like and not drying like the original. More to come.

I grabbed a small bottle of the OUAI Wave Spray and at first I didn’t like it. It was too sticky for me. I have come to really like it now that my mini bottle is almost gone. It adds such hold and texture that lasts all day. You just have to learn how to use it and not over do it. More to come on that one shortly.

I threw Margaret Dabbs Hand Lotion in my Cultbeauty cart as an extra to meet free shipping. It was a huge pleasant surprise. It’s lightweight, yet so moisturizing with a light citrus scent. It’s become a quick favorite. More to come on that one too.

I wasn’t into the Sol de Janeiro Bum Cream but was excited when I saw Brazilian Kiss Lip Butter as I needed a new tube of some kind of lip balm. It’s been good so far. Light, yet really hydrating and not greasy. A very light slightly sweet scent similar to cocoa butter.

I waited forever to finally grab THREE’s Flawless Ethereal Fluid Foundation. I grabbed shade 204. This is a lightweight yet really pigmented formula. It’s got a satin to matte finish. I think 204 is too golden for me so I have 205 on the way which looks more beige. More to come on that one as well.


  1. Hi! I am popping in to say thank you for taking the time to share your reviews with the rest of us. I know it takes a lot of work at times but I really appreciate your insights! I am usually too exhausted to co mentioned but you add fun to my usually tedious existence and that is priceless! I have three boys and my middle one (now 13) has heart cancer. Makeup may seems frivolous to some but it is a joy to take a break from the often heaviness of life at times and have some fun with colors and textures in a way that hurts no one. So many of my favorite bloggers have been dialing it back or dropping out because the scene has changes so I appreciate that you have still continued to have fun with blogging. Thanks for everything! ♡

  2. Thank you for taking the time to read. I do have fun blogging and hope it brings something to people who read. I agree we all need something frivolous, yet fun, in our lives. I'm so sorry to hear of your son. I will keep him in my thoughts ❤️

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