Subscription Box Info

Beauty Heroes: This has become one of my favorites. It’s a pricier green beauty skincare subscription but it’s so well curated. $115 for 3 months and it’s a monthly subscription. The products I get from this are ones I would buy anyway, and you get them for so much cheaper. Subscribe HERE.

Sisley: $100 for one year or $60 for 6 months. It’s a monthly subscription box where you get 5 samples. This is a great value box as Sisley is expensive and it’s a good way to test everything without buying an expensive item first. By far one of my favorite subscription boxes.

Le Metier de Beaute VIP: $348 a year. Runs August to August. Works out to $29/month. One full-sized item or an assortment of items shipped to you at the beginning of each month. Curated mix of color, skincare, pre-release sneak peaks, lab previews and exclusives.

Sephora Play!: $10/month. Six samples from Sephora brands. Same items in box for everyone. On time with shipping. You get a Pass card you can take into a store for a one on one session about using the products you received, as well as 50 bonus points with any purchase. In trial phase, means a waitlist and only open to certain areas of the country right now. I’m in TX so that must be an area they are testing. Charges tax so it comes out to $10.80/month for me. Brochure is good at explaining products as well as some extra tips for whatever their theme is.

BeautyDNA: $25/month. You get one full size high end beauty product a month. You fill out a lengthy survey for types of items you do or don’t want, ingredients you Want or don’t want, then a computer picks a selection for you based on your profile. You get one full size item I think it’s supposed to be a minimum value of $40. The idea is you are only supposed to get one of that type of item a year, so if you get a shampoo in March, you won’t get another one until next March or later. They have no website to buy from, but do have a monthly survey if you fill it out you get entered into the monthly drawing for a prize. The initial survey is long, their database is extensive, but it’s the best at being able to personalize it for you based on what you like and don’t like in a beauty product. They will send an item with a value below the $40 mark, but if so they add a bonus full size item to bring the value up.

Glossybox: $21/month. They do offer a discount if you buy more than one month at a time such as three, six or year subscriptions. High end beauty box with five deluxe samples or some full size items. Notoriously late shipping and some issues with customer service. Some items in box are the same for everyone and some items you get one of two colors or options, but you don’t get to pick the option, they pick. They do have a website to buy the particular items from boxes on, no discount to do so. They have a dot review system which gets you a free box when you hit a certain number. If you would like to join Glossybox use this link.

Birchbox: $10/month. You can get a discount if you subscribe for one year vs monthly. Beauty box with five not always high end stuff, but not drugstore. Deluxe sample sizes mostly. They have a point system, you get points for every purchase and even boxes count, you also get 50 points a month to review the five samples from that month. You must review that month before it’s over or you loose the chance to earn points. The points can be used on future purchases for money off. if you review and earn 50 every month that’s $5 every month on a product. They send different boxes based on your preferences in your profile, or you can choose the monthly guest box. You get to pick one sample based on a list every month, the rest are surprises. They have their own website to buy from which has items beyond what’s just in the boxes. They have discount codes a lot. Birchbox by far has the best reward program.

Sample Society: $15/month. High end beauty box with five deluxe samples and some full size products. By Allure and Beauty Bar. You get a $10 credit every month to use on a $50 purchase at beautybar if you wish. Their site has items not just in their boxes. Same box goes to everyone.

Olfactif: $18/month. You get three samples of niche perfume with a theme. You get a $18 credit if you choose to buy a full size fragrance from that months set that month only, meaning you can’t wait to buy a full size three months later and still get the credit. On average they are 2.25mL sizes and sprays. Same box goes to everyone.