Summer Favorites

In the summer we all feel like we we’re going to melt from the heat and humidity. There are certain products I reach for time and time again, plus some new ones I’ve found that help keep melting to a minimum. I like a light shimmering makeup look with a hint of bronzed skin. Less is more in the summer. I don’t wear bronzer that often anymore, so I own one. Tom Ford Bronzing Powder in Terra is the perfect matte shade for me. It’s not too orange or warm. It has the perfect neutral tones to it. I dislike any really orange or too warm of a bronzer as it doesn’t look natural on me. I have the old formula one which I do like the texture better than the new one. It’s so finely milled and never streaky, it looks very natural.

I like very light foundation in the summer. A recent discovery is the My Armani To Go Cushion Foundation. It has a really light texture that sets to a satin finish so it’s not adding any greasy texture or extra weight. It actually lasts in the summer humidity as well. It’s also portable if you need a touch up from the heat. Review HERE. Cle de Peau Radiant Stick Foundation is the most refreshing gel stick. It cools on contact which makes it so perfect for summer. It also lasts unbelievably well in the heat and humidity for this type of a product. I lived in this last summer. Review HERE. Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Perfector Skin Tint Foundation has the most delightful lightweight gel texture. It gives a light coverage with no weight. Perfect if you want just a hint of coverage without any added weight.

Top to Bottom-Tom Ford Terra, MUFE #6, Cle de Peau Ochre, Armani #4.5:

I love a good cream eyeshadow and highlighter in the summer. I reach for creams more than powders for their easy and effortless application. One of my all time favorite cream shadows is Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes in Platinum. This has a whipped light cream shadow texture and is one of the only ones I know that manages to last all day long without creasing. Seriously it’s fantastic. I’ve had my jar for at least a year and a half and the texture is the same, and it’s still going strong. I am running low but I used this weekly for a very long time so the price is justified in this case. Review HERE. The only other cream shadow I have come to like is Chanel Premiere Ombre in Silver Pink. I’s a shimmery taupe. This shadow is a drier texture and it will not budge once it sets. It won’t crease ans lasts all day even in Texas humidity and heat. I’m on my second jar. Sadly it dried out before I could fully use the first jar. The texture does change with these over time. But I used this weekly for a year and there’s so much product in it that I only used up maybe 75%. It’s also well worth the splurge. Review HERE.

I discovered Rituel de Fille on Cult Beauty and once I swatched the Rare Light Luminizer in Phosphene I was hooked for life. This creamy highlighter has a soft but not too soft texture. This texture makes it super easy to blend plus it lasts all day. Phosphene is my favorite shade of the ones I have. It’s a complex neutral beige meets peachy pink. It’s a truly unique shade in a sea of highlighters, if you like unique shades look at this line. Review HERE and HERE. Ever since I grabbed the new Hourglass Vanish Flash Highlighting Stick I’m been smitten. It has a smooth, creamy texture that also has that lasts all day. I love the pigmented shimmery finish that’s not glittery or too frosty. Rose Gold Flash is my favorite of the two I grabbed as it suits my light medium skin tone best. I love the sleek silver packaging as well. Review HERE. These are four easy cream formulas that can tolerate the heat and humidity with ease.

Top to Bottom-Tom Ford Platinum, Chanel Silver Pink, Rituel de Fille Phosphene, Hourglass Rose Gold Flash:

I used to really love a matte primer in the summer. Now I find they can dry my forehead out through the day so I’ve been sticking with satin, semi-matte or just plus just lightweight gel style primers. Charlotte Tilbury Youth Glow fits the bill on a lightweight gel style primer. It’s a liquid not a gel but it sets to a satin finish to it and isn’t dewy or greasy. It adds a hint of brightening shimmer to help even the skin tone, plus it has skincare benefits. It just makes a nice base in the summer when you want a little extra primer but nothing heavy or occlusive feeling. Review HERE. The Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer by FENTY Beauty surprised me. It’s a light cream primer but with a semi-matte finish. The cream texture hydrates enough without being too much extra or adding any weight or greasy feel. It just keeps the skin hydrated all day. I love the packaging as well. Review HERE.

So I forgot to put the Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment in the flatlay picture because it was in my pocket and I didn’t want it to melt. I realized I forgot as I was putting up this post. I swatched them though so lets talk about them and pretend they are there. Hands down my favorite tinted lip balm. They have SPF perfect for summer too. I love the hydrating oils and slippery texture. It hydrates very well. Sugar is a humectant. Plus they taste divine (not that I suggest you eat it but if you ingest some it’s not a hardship). Nude and Bloom are my two favorites. Tom Ford Lip Color Sheers are one of my favorite lipsticks of all time. I love the hydrating, sheer, shimmering formula. Pink Dune (now discontinued) was one of my favorites. I’m on my last one and I have yet to find a replacement that’s its equal. Pink Dune is a shimmering seashell pink nude with a hint of multi-dimensional shimmer. It was perfection. Review HERE.

Top to Bottom-Charlotte Tilbury Youth Glow, FENTY, Fresh Nude, Fresh Bloom, Tom Ford Pink Dune:

Cream blushes have really become a favorite of mine as of late. If you find a good formula they last quite well. I love the ease of application and simplicity of a cream blush. In the summer it also seems to fit with the minimal makeup approach. Paul & Joe created an amazing Gel Blush last summer. I lived in it all summer long. I grabbed shade 003 which is a light peachy nude. This blush has a light gel texture that cools on application. It also layers well and sets down to stay put quite well. It lasts all day on me. The shade is a touch light but it works for that summer hint of makeup look. I was really hoping they would bring it back this year with a deeper nude pink shade, but sadly they did not. Maybe next year.

Cle de Peau Cream Blush in 04 Perfect Peach has been a favorite of mine since it launched last spring. It has a stiff enough cream texture to last all day. I really like cream blushes that last, so they tend to have thicker cream textures. I’m not a fan of the more emollient oil textured ones as those tend to disappear fast on my skin, especially in the extra heat and humidity from summer. Perfect Peach is a great pink peach nude. It’s a little pricey but I use it all the time and it’s holding up well not only texture wise but the amount I have left. I love that it’s pigmented as well. Review HERE. Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk is one of the only liquid blushes I’m currently using. Liquids are normally too pigmented and are harder to work with. Cloud Paint has a more liquid gel texture so it’s easier to use. I love the nude pink shade. It’s light and buildable. It doesn’t have the greatest longevity though.

Decorte is a new brand to me this year. I’ve heard of it but just never tried anything. Their Cream Blush Moisturizing Cheek Glow has the most fun bouncy light texture. It’s like a whipped mouse bouncy gel texture. My favorite shade is BE350 a nude pink. While it’s got a fun light non-greasy or heavy texture it does score a bit lower on the longevity scale for me. It tends not to last as well as others. It’s so much fun to apply I can forgive that tiny detail. More to come. Saks carries it in the US but they seem to be sold out of all but one shade so check out Selfridges for it in the meantime.

Top to Bottom-Paul & Joe, Cle de Peau 04, Decorte BE350, Glossier Dusk:

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