Sunday Riley Skincare Review

I recently have tried quite a bit from Sunday Riley skin care. I started with the Ceramic Slip cleanser which is for combo skin and has green clay and a bunch of other good ingredients. I was worried about the black pepper ingredient being irritating, but I don’t notice it at all. This is not for dry skin because of the clay but is good for combo, oily and even normal skin. I don’t feel it dries me out in the normal to combo range. It’s a thin green colored gel.

Next I added the Start Over eye cream which gave me a sample set with a Good Genes mini to try. Start Over eye cream is supposed to do everything eye related: de puff, anti aging, get rid of dark circles etc. I hear a lot of reviews state it stings but actually I find it soothing, it has no stinging and it’s moisturizing. It’s expensive but it’s also a bottle twice the size of most eye creams now a days at one ounce. I use it in the morning after a serum before my Zelens eye cream (yes I layer three in the day and night too). While its not a miracle worker, as no eye creams ever do it all for me, it’s good. I notice less fine lines when I use it. Nothing makes my dark circles really go away but without it I noticed they came back a touch. So it’s worth trying to the end of the bottle. It really does moisturize well without being too heavy which is good for day. The texture is like a gel cream.

Good Genes can be used as a mask and serum. I have tried it both ways. As a mask it gets tough to leave on. Meaning it’s a strong exfoliant. It doesn’t burn, but it’s close. As a serum it feels less strong. It’s lactic acid vs glycolic or salicylic like other exfoliants. I have a few deluxe minis but I think I’m not buying this after the minis and just using my Drunk Elephant AHA glycolic serum at night. I’ll use lactic acid in my face masks like the Oskia Renaissance that is my love of the moment.

Skin Adrenaline is the last item I bought. It’s a light moisturizer. It has a funky fruit smell, not bad funky but a fruit version that’s just a touch odd. However, it has great ingredients and is nice on. It gets a little sticky after application, but lasts only for about five minutes. I think it was marketed as a serum initially but really is more like a gel cream or light moisturizer. It tends to actually not be enough for me moisture wise and I add another light moisturizer over it. But for combo or oily skin this could be enough, and more so in the summer.

With the exception of the cleanser they all come in glass bottles and have great quality pumps. They have good ingredients in general, they do have parabens in some items in a very small amount. This doesn’t bother me, but may bother some. They are pricey. None of them break me out or irritate my skin except the Good Genes which is more of a strong exfoliant feeling vs full on irritation.

I also have tried the primer. I had a mini. It was OK, it was nice, thin and was tinted. It was a little too moisturizing for me and I really prefer my Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer to keep me oil free in the day.
I do have an Artemis Cellular Face Oil mini I’ve been trying. I never had been into face oils until the last few months. It was hard to use in the summer but as winter is coming I expect to be using them more. After trying the face oils I have I’ll do a post on them.

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