SUQQU Designing Color Eyes 05 Aoshizuku & Pure Color Blush 05 Yawakouki

Oh how I love SUQQU makeup. The Japanese brand is elegant, artful and well done. The quality is always top notch and it has a sleek, modern feel to it. In the US the only place to get SUQQU is from Japanese custom buyer sites and Selfridges in the UK. Fenwicks and Harrods also sell SUQQU but only Harrods has an online site. I prefer Selfridges due to their new shipping program. For $50 you can get unlimited shipping to the US for one year. No matter how many times you use it. No returns included though (you can return it at your own cost). Considering it’s $30 a pop otherwise $50 is a bargain. I used the shipping service 29 times last year. It’s well worth it.

The permanent shades have been hard to find on Selfridges online for some time. Recently they restocked all the permanent blush and eyeshadow quads so I have been grabbing a few here and there. The most recent ones I grabbed were Designing Color Eyes 05 Aoshizuku & Pure Color Blush 05 Yawakouki.

Designing Color Eyes 05 Aoshizuku

The Designing Color Eyes are the new formulation that just launched last year. See my review HERE of the formula and some other swatches of shades HERE, HERE and HERE. Details per Selfridges:

SUQQU‘s compact four-in-one eyeshadow palette contains innovative silicone-coated powders and amino acid-coated pigments developed to promote healthy skin and a long-lasting finish. Featuring four shades that can be used individually or blended together to create a number of looks, it spreads smoothly, giving depth and beautiful graduation onto the lids to bring out your eyes.

This quad is a mix of shimmering neutrals and navy. There’s a neutral pale champagne beige, a warmer medium golden beige, a shimmering deep neutral navy and a shimmering khaki brown almost. It’s got a hint of gold and olive to it. The shades are all shimmering and not glittery. Very adult like shimmer. Not as complex in shimmers as their original eyeshadows. The shades blend like a dream and are all pigmented. This creates a very neutral look overall. Use the navy to deepen the browns in the crease and around the lash line.

Pure Color Blush 05 Yawakouki

I love the newer Pure Colour Blush formula that launched in 2016. My original review of the formula is HERE. And I have a few extra swatches HEREHERE, HERE and HERE.

Inspired by aka – the Japanese word for red – one of the oldest and most iconic shades to have existed in the Japanese language, SUQQU’s new AW16 collection is built upon a range of enlivening reds. The Pure Colour Blush comes in two beautifully gradated two tones – a subtle glow & a bright pop of colour. Formulated with translucent, finely-grained powder particles, it shows pure, true and vibrant on skin. An infusion of a generous amount of emollient oils allows a smooth, non-powdery finish.

This is such a silky formula and it glides like a dream. One of my favorite blush formulas ever. I love the sleek compact cases as well. Best part is that SUQQU is so easy to depot for palettes. The glue is fluid so no heat needed. Just push out with a toothpick and put in a palette. I like the MAKE UP FOR EVER Palettes for mine. You can see my older palettes HERE, I need to do an updated post.


Designing Color Eyes 05 Aoshizuku:

Top 05 Aoshizuku, Bottom 07 Hisuiko:

Pure Color Blush 05 Yawakouki–Left, Right , Mixed:


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