SUQQU Eye Color Palette Trio EX-05 Sumichazumi: Review & Swatches

SUQQU is a Japanese cosmetics brand that has a cult following. The eyeshadows in particular. Though not available in the US, you can get SUQQU if you order from Selfridges or Harrods and pay the large shipping fee or order from Ichibankao-a Japanese custom buying site with a price markup. I first tried the eyeshadow quad Kozuecha which I love. I love nudes, as you know by now, and while there’s a few nude eyeshadows from Suqqu most of the palettes have more color in them. So I hadn’t bought a new one until now. Spring 2016 launched a trio of nude shades in limited edition EX-05 Sumichazumi so I grabbed it.

The trio comes in a slim, glossy black case with a velvet pouch. It has a duo ended applicator with brush and sponge tipped ends. The case is weighty and nice but the glossy outside does show fingerprints easily. I love the fact that Suqqu eye color palettes are very easy to depot. The have a sticky repositionable glue that holds them in and you don’t have to melt the case to depot them. I used the Z-Palette spatula and carefully pulled up on each pan to depot it for the trio. You can easily put the pans back into the palette if you wish. It comes out to about $55 for the trio from Ichibankao after currency exchange including shipping, or $43 on Harrods minus the shipping fee which is $37. Unless you’re ordering other stuff from Harrods or Selfridges it’s not worth it alone and I went with Ichibankao.

Per SUQQU’s website: “This glamorous yet playful trio eyeshadow palette gives a beautiful gradation and creates a luminously moist look, radiating sophistication around the eyes.” Per Selfridge’s website: “The eyeshadow palette from SUQQU contains innovative silicon-coated powders and amino acid-coated pigments developed to promote healthy skin. Designed for a long-lasting finish, it spreads smoothly, giving depth and beautiful gradation onto the lids to bring out your eyes.” Per Harrod’s website: “This limited edition eyeshadow trio took inspiration from Tokyo frozen in a spring haze, gradually thawing and glowing in lights. Layering the beige brown and champagne gold highlighter over the deep grey, the palette creates sophisticated smoky eyes with delicate shine.”

These all had a little frosty overspray on them, mostly the top two shades, you can see I swatched them on the right side of the pan for the photo. Usually SUQQU has a very subtle, complex, refined shimmer that’s very nice and never overboard. The top shade is a cream with gold shimmer and gold micro glitter. The middle shade is a shimmery medium brown. It’s not a cool brown, nor overtly warm but it’s in the neutral to warm category. The shimmer in this one is nice, very refined and pretty. This is definitely my favorite shade of the bunch. Lastly on the bottom is a smoky neutral charcoal. It’s almost an off black, it could be called very dark grey. It has very small shimmer, the shimmer looks silver or white and gold. It’s more satin than shimmery. It looks neutral in the pan and when swatched, but when you compare it to warmer blacks it looks cooler, but alone it’s not cool feeling at all.

The texture is amazing. It’s lightweight, smooth and blends incredibly well. It’s like silk. The pigmentation is sheerer on average but that’s part of SUQQU’s appeal. You can’t really overdo it with SUQQU. The shimmer is refined and well done, minus the micro glitter in the top shade. This would be so much better without the micro glitter. The looks you create with SUQQU are kind of ethereal, or lit from within. They depot well, I love the shimmer and texture. I would love to own more, I just need more nudes, so every now and then I’ll snag a nude palette when they make one. If you haven’t checked out SUQQU the eyeshadows are a great place to start if you like refined, complex, subtle shimmer with a great sheerer lightweight texture. I really wish Nordstrom’s, Barney’s, Beautylish or anyone in the US would pick the line up.



Sheered out to see some of the shimmer more in the sunlight:

Compared to Top to Bottom: Addiction Sandbar, Suqqu EX-05 Middle Shade, Natasha Denona Satin Tan:

Compared to Top to Bottom: Cle de Peau Satin Moon #305 Deepest Shade, Suqqu EX-05 Bottom Shade, MAC Smut:

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