SUQQU Moisture Rich Mask

I love SUQQU makeup dearly. The Japanese brand makes the most exquisite makeup. I have tried a few of their skincare products but not many to date. I’ve been meaning to talk about the SUQQU Moisture Rich Mask for a long time, I took these photos a year ago easy. It just kept getting pushed aside but should be reviewed because it’s quite nice. Details per Selfridges & SUQQU:

Born to enhance the organic journey of a woman’s complexion, Japanese brand SUQQU have earnt a worldwide cult following who love the natural, age-defying ingredients. Designed to rejuvenate skin and restore vitality to the complexion, the Moisture Rich Mask has a highly adhesive, gel-like texture that creates a tight moisture seal. The harmonic blend of rose, iris and jasmine softly fragrances the skin.


  • Pear Juice Ferment helps to retain moisture
  • Royal Jelly Extract helps to produce Hyaluronic Acid to plump the skin
  • Ecotine helps to increase the skin cell’s ability to retain water and protects proteins and
  • enzymes, which help to condition the skin
  • Glycyrrhizate and Adlay Extract have an anti-inflammatory action to help soothe skin
  • Green Tea Extract has anti-oxidant properties

Directions Wash and towel-dry your face. Take a few pea-sized amounts onto your palm and spread over the entire face, including the eye and mouth areas, from the centre of your face outwards. After 5 minutes, gently wipe away the remaining mask with a tissue, and blend it into your skin to complete.

This is a moisturizing gel texture tissue off mask. Very much like Sisley Express Flowers. Except this SUQQU one is a fraction of the cost and a bit thicker. It has a thick gel texture that plumps & provides immediate hydration and results. The clear gel is quite thick and when you massage it on it turns slightly white. It doesn’t dry own and it stays that same thick gel texture. I hate the tissue off method so I usually use a damp washcloth or something. I always feel like the tissues shred up. You could easily use any kind of cotton pad as well.

I love the simple plastic tube with flip cap. It’s all that’s needed for this type of product. This does have a floral fragrance but it’s not too strong. This is perfect for a quick pick me up of hydration that does provide fast results. I love that it’s not too heavy like a oil or cream mask. This is one of the more hydrating gel style masks like this that I have tried. It’s also become one of my favorites in this style mask.


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