SUQQU Natural Covering & Soft Velvet Loose Powders

I love SUQQU makeup which is no secret. The Japanese brand is always high quality and it delivers. I’ve been a fan of the Nuancing Loose Powder for a while and SUQQU recently revamped their powders and released four new types. I’ve been testing the Natural Covering & Soft Velvet Loose Powders for a few months now. Details per Selfridges.

Soft Velvet Loose Powder addresses unevenness, pores and fine wrinkles with its soft focus effect powders. Featuring “Soft Wax Powder”, it blends and fits well to the skin, helping the beautiful velvety finish to last long while keeping excess sebum under control. It contains pigments coated with amino acid derivative that have a high affinity with the skin’s natural moisturising factors.

Natural Covering Loose Powder is the perfection option for ‘no make-up make-up’, an ultimate nude finish. Its non-pearl formula provides healthy a glow instead of ‘made-up’ luminosity. With good coverage of imperfections but lighter weight than a foundation, it blurs pores like soft focus lens and brightens the tone for a flawless finish.

One thing I love that SUQQU did on these new powders is use a mesh screen to contain the powder versus a plastic cover with holes. The mesh is springy and allows you to push the mesh down with your brush to get the powder dispensed on the brush. I quite like it. A lot. It keeps me from getting a bunch of extra powder on my brush.

Natural Covering Loose Powder reminds me the most of the discontinued Nuancing Loose Powder. It has a soft natural yellow beige tone. While this is slightly tinted it’s not going to be a powder that adds a ton of color. It’s going to just help even the skin tone above foundation. This is a matte powder that’s your basic type of thin, matte loose powder. It evens the skin tone and without any shimmer. It does blur imperfections to a degree and is lightweight in texture. If you liked Nuancing Loose Powder then this is the best replacement.

Soft Velvet Loose Powder is a light pink tinted loose powder. This powder is a bit thicker & has a more velvety feel than the Natural Covering Loose Powder. The light pink tint powder has a real brightening effect. In some aspect it can be a bit too brightening in tone for my light medium skin tone. It should be fine for light skin tones. You can tell this has a soft wax powder feel. This blurs pores the best out of the two and has a more matte finish. I love the velvet matte pore blurring effect from this powder. If you like that effect than this is your powder. If you want a basic nude loose powder just to help decrease shine from the skin than try the Natural Covering Loose Powder.

Top Soft Velvet Loose Powder, Bottom Natural Covering Loose Powder:

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