SUQQU Spring Summer 2018 Collection

I adore Japanese makeup brand SUQQU. You most likely know that as I talk about them all the time. I look forward to their new launches and grabbed three items from their Spring Summer 2018 Collection. Taking inspiration from “Kindami” a Japanese traditional technique of grazing gold and silver to Kimono garments, our latest makeup collection gives gorgeous, luxurious sparkles expressed in a serene, understated tone.

The Designing Color Eyes is one of my favorite products from SUQQU. I’ve reviewed the formula HERE. The texture is very finely milled and pigmented. It’s lightweight and overall a phenomenal formula that lasts all day. It blends with ease and is never powdery or streaky. Inspired by the quiet, yet unforgettable glamour of gold and silver threads of Kimono, SUQQU presents three new palettes for this Spring/Summer 2018. The dazzling shine decollates your eyes, while the shades themselves are subtly muted for serenity & sophistication.

The top right shade (Radiant Colour) of each palette is a new feature to the SS18. The formula creates a sparkling glittery radiance to express the concept of the collection. Used on its own to add gorgeous sparkle, or mixed with the bottom left shade (Accentuating Colour) for a more natural-looking glow. Infused with skincare ingredients including Olive Squalene, Jojoba Oil, Silk and Royal Jelly.

I grabbed two shades from Selfridges. 08 Hikarikogare is described as a
Natural-looking, versatile yellow browns with sophisticated glistening gold that creates a wet-looking finish.

The top left is a shimmering pale yellow gold cream. The bottom left is a warm shimmering medium camel tan. The bottom right is a deep satin brown with a burgundy feel. The top right is a glittery platinum. This quad was a touch warmer than I prefer. I love the two bottom shades mixed together.

09 Ryougetsu is described as a Combination of icy grey, silver with stylish khaki. Cool like the surface of a moonlit lake.

The top left is a shimmering periwinkle. Blue but with hints of purple. Normally this shade is too cool for my skin tone but it seems to work out well. The bottom left is a shimmering taupe that I adore. It’s my favorite of the bunch in both quads. The bottom right is a satin khaki. The top right is a glittery pale off white. I love all the textures minus the new top right glitter shades. As you all know by now I hate glitter, even micro glitter. Waste of a pan for me. The rest of the shades are all phenomenal.

The Pure Color Blush is another of my favorite items from the SUQQU line. The popular blusher series adds three new shades this spring. Two new shades & one limited edition shade are inspired from glamourous radiant femininity of Japanese traditional Kimono. They allow you to effortlessly achieve flawless, seamless gradation. Enjoy the difference of nuance & expression that each of the palettes give to your face. There was three new shades an I grabbed one.

09 Ayakagerou – Light brown & Sheer beige. Described as a Cool, muted brown combined with slightly reddish beige. Adds refined definitions to your face.

I reviewed the Pure Color Blush formula HERE. The formula is silky, lightweight, pigmented, finely milled, super blendable, never powdery or dry nor streaky. I adore this shade. It’s the perfect nude brown with enough rose pink to not be muddy. It’s definitely very neutral and could be cool and muddy for some skin tones like very fair. This shows up enough on my light medium NC25-27 skin tone. It’s not dark by any means. I was afraid when I first saw this that it would be too brown, cool and muddy. The rose tone really makes this more of a rosy nude. My favorite kind of shade. This shade is sold out currently on Selfridges online, but it’s permanent so it should be back in stock one day.

Top to Bottom–Left, Right, Mixed:

Top to Bottom–SUQQU 09 Left, Right Mixed; SUQQU 103 Amacha Mixed; Rouge Bunny Rouge Habanera; Becca Sweetpea:

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