Surratt, Chikuhodo, & SUQQU Powder Brushes: Review & Comparison

I’ve compared almost every other type of brush I own except for Powder Brushes. I have three to compare: Surratt’s Artistique Face Brush, Chikuhodo’s Z-1 Powder Brush and SUQQU’s Face Brush. These are all fairly similar in size and made from the same type of hair-gray/blue squirrel(same thing). They’re all made in Japan and of excellent quality. The difference is really in their density, shape and how they apply powder. Plus price and availability. Details per Sephora, Beautylish and SUQQU:

Surratt Face Brush $230 

What it is:
A fluffy, natural-hair face brush for effortlessly diffusing powder products.

What it does:
This face brush easily distributes and blends powder products (bronzers, blushes, highlighters, setting powder) with whisper-soft strokes. Surratt Beauty is committed to the Japanese philosophy of monozukuri; each high-quality brush is crafted from hand-tied natural fibers by a skilled artisan.

Chikuhodo Z-1 Powder Brush $178

The Z Series Z-1 is a powder brush with bristles made from the hair of gray squirrel.

SUQQU Face Brush $180-300 depending where you get it

A luxurious brush with an abundance of soft hair that delivers powder gently and evenly.

These are all very soft, well made Japanese brushes. You wouldn’t be disappointed by any of them as they are all top of the line quality. No cut hairs like cheap brushes. If you’ve tried both you know the difference. The Surratt is the biggest, followed by Chikuhodo then the SUQQU. Surratt has the roundest shape, Chikuhodo is slightly tapered but still pretty round, or oval. SUQQU is the most tapered of the three. The most dense is the Surratt, followed by the Chikuhodo then the SUQQU is the least dense and most wispy. The Surratt applies powder the most heavily, followed by the Chikuhodo then the SUQQU.

My favorite of the bunch is the SUQQU. I like the tapered shape, wispy, low density feel and the sheer application of powder. I don’t like a lot of powder, just a touch under the eyes and in the T-Zone. It’s also the softest of the three. Second would be the Chikuhodo because it applies powder at a medium level and it’s more affordable than the Surratt. The Surratt is quite pricey. Now the SUQQU Face Brush can be too pricey if you buy it from a Japanese resaler for the $300 range. I waited for months and got mine off Selfridges online in the UK for about $180 plus shipping. SUQQU is more expensive in Japan than in the UK. You’re better off getting it from the UK if you can. Now, for whatever stupid reason, Selfridges has stopped carrying SUQQU brushes online. So you have to call a counter. You’ll still save money that way.   

They’re all excellent brushes. You can’t go wrong picking one of them based on your powder brush preferences, price range and availability to purchase.

L to R: SUQQU, Chikuhodo, Surratt:

Top to Bottom for size comparison: Surratt, Chikuhodo, SUQQU:


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