Surratt Lipslique: Hevyn, Bandy: Review & Swatches

I talked about my Hevyn Lipslique ages ago in a general Surratt post. I recently got Bandy so I thought I would compare these and talk about them in a separate post. Lipsliques are a alternative to lipstick with a sheer to medium finish. They are slim and very portable because of their small size. They are small though, so be prepared for that. For $34 you get 0.05 oz. They only twist up, not down so don’t over twist the amount you need as you can’t twist it back down. That part doesn’t bother me, but it may some. The slim black case is matte on the bottom and glossy with a green and purple glitter overspray on the top.

I thought the coverage was the same for all the Lipsliques, but after getting Bandy I can see the pigmentation changes depending on the shade. Hevyn is more medium pigmentation, Bandy is sheer. Hevyn actually seems lighter in the tube, but it goes on heavier and darker. Hevyn is described as a glistening rose which is pretty accurate. The rose is neutral and has a faint shimmer. The shimmer is not perceptible on the lips. Bandy is described as a perfect warm rose. Bandy is a sheer, warm, browned rose. There is no shimmer.

They both have a medium glossy finish, nothing too glossy, but not like a baume. The lasting power is average for this style of lipstick, 2-3 hours. They have no perceptible scent, are moisturizing, which is a plus as not all sheer lipsticks are not drying. I like the Surratt Lipsliques, they’re really overpriced for what you get, but they’re comfortable to wear. Overall, they are just like most sheer lipsticks that are popular right now. I probably won’t be getting anymore as none of the other shades really stand out to me, unless they add new shades. I like the slim portable design, it fits nice into pants pockets.

L Hevyn, R Bandy:

Top Hevyn, Bottom Bandy:

Sunlight, L Hevyn, R Bandy:

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