Surratt Medium Classic Shadow Brush: Comparison

I own the Surratt Large Classic Shadow brush and have reviewed it here already. With Surratt coming to Sephora this month and the 15% off sale I decided to order the Medium Classic Shadow Brush. It retails for $50 and looks to be made of the same Canadian Squirrel hair. It is quite a bit smaller than the large brush. The medium feels the same as the large brush, just smaller.

The large brush is on the left, the medium on the right:

The closest brush I own to compare it with is the Wayne Goss #18, on the left. The Surratt medium, on the right, is more tapered and a touch narrower. The Wayne Goss is denser than the Surratt, so the Surratt would be a small eye brush that gives a lighter application.

Surratt brushes come in a cool cardboard sliding box with a sleeve. It’s heavy duty box and can store stuff after if you wish.

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