Surratt Prismatique Eyes: Real Eyes: Review & Swatches

Surratt Beauty just came out with some new duo eyeshadows called Prismatique Eyes. I’m not a huge cream shadow or glitter fan, but I love Surratt and thought I would try one. Real Eyes seemed the most for me. It’s described as a “universal taupe cream with gleaming golden duo-chrome.”

Per Sephora: “A twinset eye shadow palette within a jewelry box container, filled with complimentary matte cream and prismatic, shimmer shadows coupled in a double-deck section for mesmerizing eye looks. Surratt Beauty Prismatique Eyes eye shadow sets feature cream shadow that can be blended onto lids and then dusted with a prismatic shimmering top coat for a multidimensional, glittering eye look. The top tier contains a water-proof shadow base that can be blended onto lids or used as liner. The lower deck swings out to reveal a prismatic top coat that can be swept on and blended to give eyes a celestial look.” The retail is $38 for 0.07 oz Cream Shadow & 0.05 oz Powder Shadow.

The case is a small glossy black plastic square with that Surratt purple and green glitter over spray. The top twists off to reveal the cream shadow. The bottom pivots out to reveal the glitter shade. I found the packaging to feel a little flimsy and kind of cheap like I could break it easily. I had to hold the base together when twisting off the cap because it felt like I would swivel it out then snap the top off.

The cream shadow is matte there’s no shimmer. It’s thin and was easy to work with. It took a bit to dry down. It almost felt like it never dried down fully, it was still slightly tacky after an hour even. This helped the powder shadow adhere well, but it did leave me creasing after a few hours with and without the powder shadow on top. I did use a primer, and without a primer it was even worse. The shade is not a universal taupe to me, more of a tan or caramel shade. It was on the warmer side as well, it pulls warmer when applied than it looks in the pan. It was slightly darker than my eyelids so it did add something, but it was pretty close in depth and was very natural looking. I did notice the color darkens once dried. The creasing wasn’t terrible for me for as a cream shadow, I’ve used worse. I wasn’t a fan of this particular color it didn’t work for my skintone and well. I would have preferred it to be a tad darker or maybe even just more neutral or cool. It was a bit too orange of a tan for me.

The powder shadow is the same size as the regular singles and it looks like you can pop it out to put it in a palette if you wish. The shade was a glittery pinky peach glitter with gold glitter. It was very glittery, powdery, and prone to fall out even when applied over the cream base. It adhered really well to the cream shadow but was terrible at adhering to the lid without the cream base, so it didn’t really function well alone. It didn’t feel like a duo-chrome shade, just more of a pinky peach glitter with gold glitter.

Swatches: Top Cream Shadow, Bottom Glitter Shadow:

I show this photo to show how the glitter looks powdery, you can see it’s texture:

I compared the glitter shade with Urban Decay’s Gwen Stefani Palette shade in Pop as it was the only other glitter shade I owned. Pop is a bit lighter applied.

Here I swatched the cream shadow wet on top, you can see it’s dried and darker right below. Then the Surratt glitter shade and Urban Decay Pop is below that.

I’m thinking I might have like Neutral Eyes more than Real Eyes color wise. However, due to the glitter shade and it’s bad fall out, I’ll skip trying it. The cream shade was OK and the glitter shade was too much work and I’m not into ones with lots of fall out. I was hoping the cream shadow would keep it in place, but it’s powdery texture made that hard. I think I prefer Tom Ford’s glitter shades, and I don’t even like those ones that much.

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