Surratt Surreal Real Skin Foundation: Update & Swatches 5, 8, 9

I originally reviewed Surratt’s Surreal Real Skin Foundation in Shade #5 here. I still love it but with summer quickly approaching here in Texas, or pretty much already here, Shade #5 quickly became too light for me. It was a touch too light to begin with originally but still worked out OK. It’s in that NC 23-25 range. I’m normally more of a NC 25-27 and towards NC 30 in the summer.

I decided to grab both Shade #8 and 9 based on The Beauty Professor’s swatches. #8 is very golden yellow, it works OK for me but the golden tone is a bit too much. I’m starting to realize that while I’m warm toned overall I have a bit of an olive undertone which makes me need a foundation with a slightly neutral or peachy undertone. I need more depth beyond a yellow or golden yellow shade. I found that Shade #5 and #8 slightly emphasized my pores and hairs. They felt a touch too light, #8 mostly for missing that depth.

Shade #9 is described as a Tan with peach golden undertones. I’ve never worn a ‘tan’ shade. I thought there was no way it could work. After reading The Beauty Professor’s post about using #9, and knowing that we share a lot of similar foundation shades, I grabbed #9. I was shocked it worked the best of the three shades for me. I was scared when I swatched it, it seemed so dark but it actually lightens a touch when setting. And the peachy tone gives it the right depth I need making it my best match from the line. During the winter I’m not so sure it will match anymore. However, when you compare it to the Urban Decay Naked One & Done and Armani’s Luminous Silk in #5.5 it seems lighter, so we’ll see.

Top to Bottom: Urban Decay One & Done Medium; Surratt Surreal Foundation #5, 8, 9; Armani Luminous Silk 5.5:

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