Tata Harper Redefining Body Balm: Pregnancy Stretch-Mark Test: Final Thoughts/Month 9

I originally posted about testing out Tata Harper’s new Redefining Body Balm for the last 3 months of my pregnancy to prevent stretch marks here.

I now have an 11 day old baby girl so time for my final thoughts on this product, which I type one handed awake in the middle of the night with her. The link to the initial post has all the details on the product such as ingredients, price, product claims and description. I used this at least once a day from 5.5 months pregnant until 41 weeks and 1 day when I went in for my induction. I had no stretch marks until I hit 40 weeks to the day. I found a few very small stretch marks on the bottom of my belly that morning. I got a few more over the next week. I did not count how many but it’s not many under a dozen, small, 1 inch or less. There’s maybe two that were worse than that but still overall not bad.

I have always heard that stretch marks are hereditary as well and if your mother had them, you will. Well, my mother and sister both got stretch marks, fairly bad as well, so I figured I was going to get them the same. Nothing would have stopped me from trying to prevent them, it’s in my beauty addict nature.

So do I think Tata Harper’s Redefining Body Balm works for stretch marks? Yes. I expected mine to be much worse as I have many, pretty large stretch marks on my hips from previous weight gain at various points in my life. I went through almost two jars. I have a touch left that I plan to rub in after my abdomen is a little less sore from the c section. The stretch marks I did get are very faint right now and I’m hoping I can fade them some, help them heal, by using the rest. I’ll add an update to this post once I am able to finish the jar. I was going to post before and after pics but I tried to take the after ones myself and I just couldn’t get a good angle or clear enough image to be useful.

Overall, I was pleased and impressed with the product. If you take into account my genes, I was all belly and that area stretched quite a bit, I didn’t get a stretch mark until 40 weeks, and I have previous large stretch marks from weight gain so I know my skin is prone to stretch marks, then I think I came out on top. With some help from a green jar.

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