Tata Harper Volumizing Lip & Cheek Tint Very Charming: Swatches & Review

I got this sample when I ordered something else from their website, so I don’t own the full size version. The sample is quite adequate in size to test it out.

There are 3 shades in this product, this pink one, a deep coral and lighter peach. Very Charming is described as a petal pink, but it’s actually got a coral tint to it. It has a very slight shimmer which is not really noticeable. It has coconut fruit extract, sunflower seed oil, castor seed oil, beeswax, sunflower seed wax, green tea seed oil, sacha inchi oil, acai fruit oil and lavender extract. This retails for $35. Tata Harper has a philosophy of skincare without toxic chemicals and it tends to be pricier as it’s made in smaller quantities. They also grow a lot of their ingredients on their farm. They are organic. They have no other color products besides this new product and the Be Adored lip balm.

This is a multi use lip and cheek product. I usually hate those as to be moist enough for my lips it’s too moist for my cheeks and vice versa. This is not too creamy or moist for my cheeks. While it’s not dry on my lips, it’s not moist enough either. The color is fairly opaque and has a white base in it. I wouldn’t buy a full size as for my lips it’s not what I prefer. It feels kind of like a lipstick on, it’s creamy and not drying, don’t expect a balm out of it though. It wasn’t the best color for me for my cheeks either. I wouldn’t mind seeing a nude pink color, that I would test out more. You can see below that it’s pretty pigmented.

Edit on 4/21 to add: The more I think about it, this was probably Very Sweet mislabeled as Very Charming, I finally was able to get to a counter and though I no longer have the sample, it would make more sense as Very Sweet is peach and Very Charming was pink.

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