Tata Harper Volumizing Lip & Cheek Tint: Very Popular: Swatches & Review

Tata Harper is a natural, organic skincare brand I love that recently started branching out into color. I had a sample of Very Sweet Lip and Cheek Tint some time ago, and while that shade was not for me, I was hoping to one day get a nude pink shade in this product. Very Popular just came out and it’s described as a warm rose shade. That’s pretty accurate, it might be best described as a warm browned rose shade. There’s no shimmer in it, it adds a sheer brown rose tint to lips or cheeks. It’s very much a your lips but better shade. I could see this looking good on most people.

The texture is thin, emollient but not greasy. It’s smooth and blends in easily. It wears well no uneven wear. It does leave the touch of a tint behind but it’s not like a stain, you could wipe it off completely if you wanted to. It’s a multi use tint product for lips and cheeks, these are always hard in my opinion as you need drier for cheeks to not slide off, yet be moist enough to not dry out your lips. This one is not too moist for cheeks, it will add a dewy glow of color without sliding off two hours later. It won’t last all day, but it’s small enough for you to take it with you and touch up. It’s not drying on my lips, but I found myself touching up once an hour because it had worn off and my lips started needing moisture again. I prefer a bit moister balm on my lips in general, adding a balm over this tint would solve this issue, or I can just keep doing frequent applications which is what I normally do. I did not have any scaly lips or dry areas the next day, as I sometimes get when I don’t use a really moisturizing lip product. It has a pleasant subtle fruit smell and taste. Overall, this is a smooth tint, it’s easy to apply and not sticky. It’s a well done multi purpose product that will give you a glowy tint with no obvious shine or gloss.

The retail is $35 for a 5.5g pot, which if you know Tata Harper it’s a pricier luxury natural brand. The main ingredients are: sunflower seed oil, coconut fruit extract, castor seed oil, beeswax, capric triglyceride, vegetable oil, sunflower seed wax, green tea seed oil, sacha inchi, palmitoyl isoleucine(amino acid), acai fruit oil, colorants, natural and organic flavors, spanish lavender extract, jojoba esters, vitamin E. The pot is frosted green glass like the rest of their products. I do like that all their stuff is made in the USA.

Top is heavy swatch, bottom a blended one. It swatches pigmented, yet blends out to a sheer tint easily, it is buildable some. You won’t get that pigmented swatch on your lips, but it’s meant to be a tint.


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