THREE Cosmetics Eyeliner & Lipgloss: Review & Swatches

THREE Cosmetics is a newer niche Japanese brand. I can only get it from Ichibankao at a significant markup rate. With my recent love of Japanese makeup I have been slowly getting items from Ichibanko but it is very hard to find swatches online. While I have a limited supply, I will also add my Addiction items soon too. Maybe it will help someone.

I have 2 eyeliners which are quite nice. Oddly made in Germany is on the label. The rest in is Japanese. I have #7 Eye Doll & #5 Eye Rock. They are long lasting, apply smoothly and blend well. They are both shimmery with micro glitter. They have a rubber style smudger end not a sponge. It works or I use my finger or a brush. They are wood & have a corresponding color strip on the side of the pencil matching the inside color. They remind me of better MAC Pearlglide eyeliners. Eye Rock is black with multi colored micro glitter. Eye Doll is unique, it’s an olive with pink opalescence/micro glitter.

The lip glosses so far I have 2, they tend to be sheer with micro glitter. They have a clear plastic flat paddle style applicator vs a sponge. They are not sticky, pretty normal lipgloss. The micro glitter does not bother me as far as being gritty. They are almost too un-unique for me. I have #13 Melt with You a  sheer nude base with gold micro glitter. I also have #33 Precious Possession a sheer rose pink base with pink and gold micro glitter.

L to R Eye Rock, Eye Doll:

Top to Bottom #33, #13:

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