THREE Cosmetics Shading Stick: Swatches & Review

I recently got into some contouring this last 2 months. I decided to try THREE a Japanese cosmetics brand I get of Ichibankao(at a significant markup) they have a shading wand. It is definitely smaller in person than I thought it would be, it’s like a slim lipstick. It’s 2.4g. It’s slimmer than my finger, about the same length as my middle finger oddly.

Sadly it’s perfect, I love the color and texture. Not too warm, not too cool. Blends easy but not too creamy. So far because I don’t use it enough it lasts but if I used it everyday it would go fast. It’s slim so it fits near the nose well. It does a good line under my cheekbones too. I would re buy it. I will hope one day someone like Beautylish picks up Addiction and THREE so I can stop paying for the markup.

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