THREE Shimmering Lip Jam #13 Silence Says & 14 Wear the Sunset: Swatches

I’ve already reviewed THREE’s Shimmering Lip Jam here. THREE is a Japanese cosmetics brand that has to be imported as it’s not sold in the US. I recently got two new Fall 2015 shades in 13 Silence Says and 14 Wear the Sunset. I  love the formula, it’s really comfortable to wear. It’s moisturizing, not sticky and has a cushy feel. 

THREE does a lot of skincare as well and per their website “The texture exclusive to LIP JAM adds ever-increasing dimension to the lips and brings fresh dewiness. With a distinguished ability to retain shape, the contours of the lips are beautifully maintained after hours of wear. The juicy texture is just like rich jam made by cooking down fruit juice. LIP JAM provides the lips with a new sensation, ensuring vibrant shades that bring solid expressions to the face and light translucence. The applicator shaped like a small spoon adorns the lips with an even and smooth layer for an attractive appearance.”

They also state “Newly formulated ingredient Cherry Extract* Glides on smoothly to hydrate, protect and preserve the health and beauty of delicate lips. Botanical oils include: tea seed oil, argan oil*, jojoba oil*, evening primrose oil*, rosehip oil*, shea butter*, beeswax*. * Certified organic ingredient.”

13 Silence Says is described as “This clear beige maximizes the beauty of the lips just as they are, as if it were melting into them.” It’s a medium shimmery nude with a hint of pink. The shimmer is subtle, seen more in the tube or in sunlight versus the lips. The shimmer is fine and is mostly gold and shades of pink, which enhances the nude shade, one shimmer color is not more prominent than another. The color is sheer but does add some tint to your lips. 

14 Wear the Sunset is described as “This bright coral enlivens your mood and face, summoning your vitality.” It’s a shimmery medium coral with a hint of pink. The shimmer is a bit more noticeable in this one. It’s fine shimmer that’s gold and shades of coral. The gold shimmer is more prominent but still subtle overall. This one is sheer, but a bit more opaque than 13.

Sunlight to show shimmer better, Top 13, Bottom 14:

Top 13, Bottom 14:

Compared to #10 Moon Scream, which is the other shade I own, Silence Says is much more nude and lighter. The difference on the lips is subtle since they’re so sheer. Moon Scream adds a bit more rose pink tone to the lips while Silence Says adds a more nude tone. My favorites are definitely 10 & 13 as a your lips but better lover. I guess I would pick 13 Silence Says as my favorite of the three shades. 

Top to Bottom: 10, 13, 14:

Top to Bottom: 10, 13, 14:


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