THREE Under the Magic Moon Shimmering Lip Jam: Pale Moon X01 & Moon Whisper X03: Review & Swatches

I’ve talked about the THREE Shimmering Lip Jam formula here as well as the recent holiday Under the Magic Moon collection with the Eye Quad here. These Lip Jams are limited edition from the Holiday 2015 collection. I love the formula and grabbed X01 Pale Moon and X03 Moon Whisper.

Top Pale Moon, Bottom Moon Whisper:

Pale Moon is described as “translucent with rainbow pearl.” Moon Whisper is described as a “foggy pink with multi colored pearl.” Pale Moon is definitely not translucent, it’s a pale, creamy, yellow orange beige base with small multi colored pearl. Pink or red pearl is the most prevalent. Moon Whisper could be a ‘foggy pink’, it’s a cooler light to medium pink with multi colored pearl. It reminds me of a Barbie pink or deeper bubblegum pink. 

They both sheer out on the lips and just add a tint, like the other Lip Jams. The shimmer in these limited holiday ones is more abundant in the glosses, but it’s smaller than the usual shimmer they use. It doesn’t show up on the lips well. You can see it more so in the sunlight. However, the regular Lip Jams sheer out to look like a tint with no shimmer on the lips, so these ones are more shimmery technically. They’re just not a lot of shimmer. I would love to see some shades with more shimmer, not glitter.

Pale Moon sheers out to be almost clear feeling, it makes my lips a bit paler in a concealer nude type way, but I don’t look dead. I usually am not a fan of creamy colors this light, I would prefer clear with shimmer above pale creamy shades. Pale Moon seems to work OK for me, it’s warmer than a regular concealer style gloss so maybe that’s why it works. Moon Whisper is too cool for me, Barbie pinks aren’t as good on me as the more yellow based warmer pinks. So both were kind of a fail for me, love the formula just wish there was more shimmer in these and that I had picked better shades for me.

Sunlight to show the pearl, Top Pale Moon, Bottom Moon Whisper:

Swatches: Top Pale Moon, Bottom Moon Whisper:


Sheered Out:

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