Tom Ford Brow Sculptor Blonde: Review & Comparison

This Tom Ford was the last brow pencil I wanted to try. I recently made a post with many other blonde brow shades. This Tom Ford is not quite as good as I was hoping. I was hoping for a touch more soft waxy pencil but it’s fairly dry and hard like the others I reviewed previously. The color is lighter for a blonde like I prefer, but because of the hardness of the pencil I’m not 100% behind it. It has a hexagonal shape, and due to the hardness of the pencil lasts a long time on. It’s not as hard as the Cle de Peau, but not as soft and waxy as the MAC or the Hourglass. It’s in between. This has a sharpener built in by the spoolie. You twist it out and can sharpen the edge to get a finer line.

Honestly for the high prices they all cost I still love the MAC Impeccable Brow Pencil the most. Sadly it’s discontinued which is what started the search for a new brow pencil for me. I love the color of the Cle de Peau but hate the hardness, the Charlotte Tilbury is also too hard and too cool in color, the Hourglass is a great softer texture and overall this would win this competition. However, the color is too dark for a blonde it’s more of a dirty blonde shade. I’ll use them up but the search goes on to replace my discontinued MAC pencil. I do like the color of the Maybelline blonde brow pencil but it’s a touch too hard and pulls my hairs out while I’m applying it. They all do this to some degree, but the Maybelline is worse.

L to R: Charlotte Tilbury Grace K, Hourglass Blonde, Cle de Peau 203, MAC Impeccable Brow Blonde, Tom Ford Brow Blonde

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