Tom Ford Lips & Boys: Peter & William Swatches & Reviews

The Tom Ford Lips & Boys mini lipsticks were my number one Black Friday and Cyber Monday thing I wanted to buy this year. I was waiting until the launch on Tom Ford’s site Thursday night(midnight EST is 10 pm here) but apparently it launched early and sold out of 6 of the 8 shades I wanted to try by the time I checked at 930 pm Thursday night. So I was only able to get Peter and William until it launched on Nordstrom. I have several others coming early next week. Sadly though, I have heard a majority of shades I ordered are repromotes, which I didn’t know when I ordered them, so I will be returning a bunch of them without swatching them. The minis are 2g, $32 and come in the same box and brown casing as the regular Tom Ford lipsticks. I like the minis idea as I rarely use a full lipstick before I get bored with it anyway. The full size versions are 3g and $50. The minis are 2/3 the size of the regular lipstick.

I have not reviewed Tom Ford lipsticks yet, it’s been on my to do list. I tend to mostly prefer Tom Ford’s sheer and shine versions. I like their regular full coverage cream version as well, just many of Tom Ford’s colors don’t work for me in this range. They’re all too dark or cool for me in general. The formula is creamy, full coverage, pigmented, has a slight vanilla scent and has luxe packaging. I do find that after a full day of wear they tend to be a bit drying. They are not a long last lipstick, but last for about 6 hours or so. They are great if you love a full coverage, creamy, pigmented and bold colored lipstick.

Here is the mini versus a full size sheer:

Same casing…

L to R: In the Buff, Peter, William, Pink Dune.

L to R: Peter, William.

Peter is a shimmery cool nude with a mauve lean. It has silver shimmer throughout. It’s full coverage, shimmery, but not glittery. The closest thing I had to compare it with is the In the Buff sheer lipstick which is more neutral.

William I heard was Pink Dune repromoted. After swatching and comparing I don’t feel they are the exact same shade or texture. They are very close though. William is a full coverage shimmery peachy pink. It’s a bit more peachy than Pink Dune, not as sheer or glossy, it’s fuller coverage and looks frostier on the lips. It looks a touch peachier on the lips as well. It has white and gold shimmer. 

On the left is William sheered out, on the right is Pink Dune.

Top to bottom: William, Pink Dune, Peter, In the Buff.

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