Tom Ford Private Eyeshadow

I can’t help myself with Tom Ford. He releases something, I buy it. We all know Tom Ford is luxe and very pricey. Yet we still keep buying it because there’s something about it. New to the Tom Ford line is the Eyes of Tom Ford Collection which contains the Private Shadow singles.

Details per Beautylish:

Highly Pigmented. Longwearing. Crease-resistant. A wardrobe of thirty shades featuring five distinct finishes with the color, style and perspective that define the TOM FORD look. Encased in luxurious clutch-sized mirror compacts, each single shadow from demure nude to unabashed bold becomes a discrete expression of unadulterated color.

Left to Right–Iris Bronze, Starlet, Body Double, Burnt Suede, Vertigo & Hush.

The Finishes

  • Ultrasuede: completely matte finish with no pearl
  • Suede: demi-matte with subtle pearl finish
  • Sateen: lustrous pearl finish with a glowing sheen
  • Vinyl: highly pearlized, metallic chrome finish
  • Pailette: sequined, glittering pearl finish

I grabbed six shades–Body Double, Burnt Suede, Hush, Iris Bronze, Starlet & Vertigo. This gave me a mix of nudes in almost all of the finishes minus Pailette as I’m not a glitter fan. The case is what you expect from Tom Ford. Brown and gold. Luxe. These aren’t magnetic in closure like the rest of the palettes. These have the gold bar you flip open to expose the palette, then you can snap it tightly closed. I will say these are cute. They’re much smaller than I expected. You get 1.2g of eyeshadow for $36.

These are limited edition. That’s a bummer as I personally prefer single eyeshadows. Pre-made palettes always have a ton of shades I never use. I want to mix and match in colors that work for me, so I love singles. I’ve always wanted Tom Ford to make singles. I find his quads along with Charlotte Tilbury a waste because of the glitter shades. Tom Ford and Charlotte Tilbury are the two brands I want to have a permanent single eyeshadow range.

Hush has a Suede finish. It’s a satin light neutral nude pink. Perfect for the brow bone without being too pale. The texture is thin and lightweight. It’s pigmented and does last all day with no creasing. The formula is smooth and glides on like silk. You have no issue blending any of these formulas together. This has a hint of a powdery feel, but it’s pretty minimal. The Suede finish is my favorite as I tend to prefer satin finish shades for their subtle shimmer. There more forgiving than mattes but not as intense as full shimmer or metallic shades.

Starlet is an Ultrasuede formula. This is the matte range.  This is your quintessential light medium neutral brown matte. The matte formula is very thin in texture, smooth, pigmented and it glides on with ease. No dry matte here. It’s not a buttery soft matte, it’s a little bit harder in texture than buttery. It applies really well for a matte. This Ultrasuede formula is the least powdery of the collection.

Vertigo is also an Ultrasuede finish. The color is a medium neutral medium matte gray. It’s not as warm as I wanted it to be. It’s not a cooler blue based gray though.

Burnt Suede is a Suede finish. This is a satin medium taupe. It’s cooler in nature but not purple based like some taupes. It’s more of a cool brown satin. This has the same texture as Hush. This is my favorite shade of the bunch. It’s the perfect base lid shade to build upon with all the other ones I bought. It’s a great neutral cool medium satin brown if that’s your thing. I love nudes so it’s my favorite.

Iris Bronze is a Sateen finish. The color is a shimmery bronze. This bronze is copper based but more neutral to cool in tone. It’s not a orange or yellow copper bronze. It’s also not a brown based bronze either. This also has a pigmented, thin lightweight texture. It’s more shimmery than the Suede finish. The shimmer is very fine and adult like. This one is lightly powdery like the suede finish but nothing too bad.

Body Double is a Vinyl finish. This is your metallic finish. Body Double is a frosty metallic light nude. This shade has a slightly peachy tone to it. The formula is really pigmented, thin and lightweight like the rest. However this Vinyl finish is a bit less dry than the other finishes. It’s a touch more buttery. Not powdery. The shimmer is finely milled as well. It’s an adult metallic finish with no glitter.

Top to Bottom–Hush, Starlet, Vertigo, Burnt Suede, Iris Bronze, Body Double:

Overall, I really loved the range. The textures were all lightweight, smooth, pigmented and were really easy to work with. They blend really well and with ease. The finishes all lasted the day without creasing. While a few shades were a bit powdery it wasn’t too bad and didn’t take away from the eyeshadow overall. All the shades are adult appropriate shimmer and can be easily used in the daytime. Minus the Pailette range as I didn’t test that finish. It was a great collection and should be permanent with more shades.

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