Tom Ford She Wolf Trio: Review & Swatches

I wanted to try She Wolf forever, and finally got to swap for one. The eyeshadows are silky smooth, apply and blend well. I have no complaints about the quality or texture of the shadows in this palette.

On the left is the deep slightly warm grey matte which is a beautiful textured matte. It’s not dry like some mattes. The center has a shimmery medium warmer grey. It’s the star shade of this palette in my opinion. I so wish Tom Ford made singles as I hate having to buy a palette for one shade. The right shade is the glitter shade, this one applies well, and is a light grey glitter that really only adds glitter not color. So you can use it on the brow bone or over the other two colors as you wish, add it for a night out. Since I never go out at night anymore it’s a waste to me. If this trio had made the middle shade twice the size of the other two this would have been better because you will most definitely use that shade first and be stuck with the other two barely used.

Overall love the texture. I have a love hate relationship with Tom Ford’s Cases as they tend to smudge a lot with finger prints so they look dirty very quickly. If the lighter glitter shade was just a shimmer more highlight shade I would have kept this, but it ended up in my swap list and I can’t justify keeping it for one shade.

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