Hi, so I’ve been really busy this week getting all my ducks in a row. I had the ‘my baby could in reality be here any day moment’ and have been finishing the nursery, cleaning, buying last items and all the fun car seat, hospital tours and doctors stuff. Not to mention I’m dead tired and napping a lot instead of getting on here. I have a lot to do next week too then it should be the calm before the storm…

So, it’s been slow on here. I’m working on the Sephora Hakuhodo brushes review and the fall Chanel eyeshadow quint and lipstick posts first. Just wanted to let everyone know.

Here’s everyone last week:

I’m actually wearing the new fall Chanel quint here about 35 weeks

Odin now 5.5 months

Hera same 5.5 months, both wanting my feather duster….


  1. This is the best time right before and every moment after. You look beautiful and it sounds cliche but it goes by so fast so enjoy every minute my son is turning 3 next week and it feels like yesterday he was born. Also the Tata Harper honey resurfacing mask is out I didn't know what your thoughts are on the original if it's worth the splurge. I just got 4 May lindstrom products and their amazing

  2. Hi, thanks. I'm sure it does go fast. Like it seems all else too. I actually just tried the Tata honey mask for the first time this week, it's nice. I like the original mask as well, but I do almost like her limited ones better. I love honey in masks for the benefits. It actually has gold shimmer in it, but feels similar on, just has the honey added. I would prefer this one over the original for that reason, honey clarifies and moisturizes. I did get a second jar 😀

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