Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion: Enigma, Original & Anti-Aging:Review & Swatches

I’ve been using Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion for years. In the past I’ve tried other primers such as an older MAC one in a pot, Chanel, Estée Lauder, and so far the Urban Decay has been my favorite. I’ve tried all the shades, the only one I don’t like is Sin. Too shimmery for me. Enigma is a new shade in which the benefits go to The Ultra Violet Edge. It is also sadly limited edition. The retail is $20 for 10 ml. These tubes last quite a long time, on average it takes me around six months to go through a full one.

Enigma is described as a neutral matte shade, which is pretty accurate. Enigma is darker than Eden, and a bit more sheer. Eden is really full coverage and actually too light for my lids. I’ve been using the Anti-Aging for the last year or so. I used to use Eden before that. I find Enigma to be the perfect neutral for my lids. It looks a touch pink in the swatches which I didn’t notice until I swatched it. I’m yellow toned and usually stay away from more pink base products, but it really matches beautifully and I can’t tell. Enigma is nice for evening my lids out, and it doesn’t make them too light like Eden does. Enigma is easily my favorite of all and that’s why I feel it’s a shame it’s limited. Original and Anti-Aging look tinted but they’re both essentially clear on.

Enigma and Eden are both matte and dry quickly after application. They have a drier feel on. Original is less matte and takes a bit longer to dry. I know many don’t like the way the Anti-Aging one feels, it has the potential to be too greasy for some, it is the moistest of all the shades. It does dry down eventually, but I can see if you have really oily lids that the more matte dry shades might be better for you. If you have normal to dry lids it shouldn’t make a difference to you, maybe just your preference. I never have creasing with the Anti-Aging, or any of the shades. All work about the same for me as far as keeping my shadow on.

This used to come in hard tubes with a sponge tip wand. Then they switched to my favorite packaging the screw off cap and soft squeezable package. Now with Enigma coming out looks like they’ve repackaged again with the soft squeeze tube but adding the sponge tip applicator again. The idea with the recent repackage is that you can still squeeze it out or use the wand if you want to. I don’t like the new package for the reason if I squeeze it out I use both hands and have to set the wand on the counter potentially contaminating it before I put it back in my tube, or use the wand to put it on my hand which is still potentially contaminating the center of the product versus before you just squeezed out touching only that small product on the end. I prefer the squeeze tube with no wand. I use my fingers to apply it evenly, so using a wand won’t solve the need to blend it in beyond the wand  anyway.

The differences in the new cap and wand:

Top to Bottom: Original, Enigma, Anti-Aging(Straight Out of Tube To Slightly Blended In): 


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