Urban Decay Fireball Highlighter Versus Eyeshadow: Swatches

After I bought the Urban Decay Fireball Afterglow Highlighter, which I talked about here, I decided to try the Fireball Eyeshadow that inspired it. I passed over the eyeshadow when it first launched, even though I thought it was so cool and unique, I’m just never wear shades like that. I thought I would make a quick comparison swatch post.

The eyeshadow is more intense, a deeper pinky peach. The texture of the eyeshadow is better, a bit less powdery and more silky.

Top Fireball Eyeshadow, Bottom Fireball Highlighter:

Top to Bottom: Highlighter Sheered Out, Highlighter Heavy, Eyeshadow Heavy, Eyeshadow Sheered Out:

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