Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick Sheer Liar: Review & Swatches

I will admit I’m not a big Urban Decay fan, I like some of their stuff, but most of it just doesn’t appeal to me anymore. I used to love them, they were one of my gateway brands into department store makeup, almost 20 years ago. I can’t believe they’ve been out that long. I was a Senior in High School when they launched and they had the coolest eyeshadows and lipsticks at the time. Their old lipsticks used to be really drying, so I stopped using those, then MAC took over anyway as my new love for many years.

Urban Decay has really expanded their product line and color range since then, and they have been making their old formulas better. For my current tastes the colors in general are either too sparkly, I’m not a glitter fan at all anymore, frosty or if it’s a neutral I have found a more refined version in another brand, that’s why I don’t buy much from them anymore. I do still love the eye primer potion and that’s a staple for me. I just ordered Enigma and I’ll have to review the ones I have after I get it.

When their Revolution lipstick came out it was a big improvement in their lipsticks. The shades were not my taste, as the nudes were all heavy creams, and I like shimmer. Gash is the only one I own currently. It’s a great product. When the Sheer Revolution lipstick came out I thought it was worth a shot to see if I liked one. I got Sheer Liar which Urban Decay describes as a sheer pinky-brown nude. The retail is $22.

I would say the color description is pretty accurate. Though on my lips it pulls a bit more pink than in the tube or on my hand. It’s creamy, sheerer than the regular Revolution lipsticks, and more glossy. There’s no shimmer in any of the sheer colors. It’s hydrating and lasts maybe 3 hours. It’s still pretty pigmented for a sheer lipstick, so I know some will love that. For me the color was just OK. It’s a plain sheer, glossy creamy pinky nude. It’s not a stunner or unique and I have far too many similar shades I like better. I would almost rather use a tinted balm like Fresh Petal than this for a similar effect. It’s not a bad formula or anything, I’m just not into the colors. So until they get more colors I won’t be buying anymore of these. I almost prefer the original Revolution formula better, but again I would need a worth while color to buy another.


One swatch in sunlight:

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