Urban Decay Vice Lipstick: Trance, Trick, Peyote, Broken: Review & Swatches

I reviewed Urban Decay’s new Vice Lipstick formula here. Even though the Gwen Stefani and Alice lipsticks weren’t technically labelled Vice, they’re the same formula, I talked about them here and here. I grabbed four more nude shades: Trance, Trick, Peyote and Broken. I talked about Wrath in the first post, that’s a Sephora exclusive. Peyote is an Ulta exclusive. Trance, Trick and Broken are available everywhere. These shades are all moisturizing and creamy. No differences from the other ones I’ve reviewed. These are all the Metallized finish except for Broken which is a Sheer Shimmer.

L to R: Trance, Trick, Peyote, Broken:

Trance is described as a nude-mauve shimmer. That’s accurate, it’s a medium metallic browned rose. It’s pigmented. It’s neutral to warm in tone and has no glitter, only very fine shimmer.
Trick is described as a metallic pinky-copper shimmer with micro-sparkle. That’s pretty accurate. It’s a light frosted shade when applied. You can see a touch of your natural lip color peeking through. This one is a warmer shade.
Peyote is described as a metallic dusty mauve-rose. That’s accurate. It’s a bit lighter than Trance, as well as less brown. It’s pigmented and neutral to cool in tone. It has no glitter only very fine shimmer.

Broken is described as a warm rose with tonal micro-shimmer. For a sheer lipstick it’s pigmented. It’s a warmer brown rose with as hint of very fine shimmer. This one is more glossy than the Metallized ones.

L to R: Trance, Trick, Peyote, Broken:

Trance Sunlight:

Trance Inside:

Trick Sunlight:

Trick Inside:

Peyote Sunlight:

Peyote Inside:

Broken Sunlight:

Broken Inside:

Top to Bottom: Urban Decay Vice Trance, Trick, Peyote, Broken:

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