Wayne Goss #08 Brush: Review & Comparison

This is a recent addition to my brush collection thanks to my Makeupalley Secret Santa. I kind of destroyed my Hakuhodo brush for gel lining by using it for powder eyeshadow, so I’ve been meaning to get a new one. This Wayne Goss will be just for lining with gel eyeliner. I’ll still use my other Hakuhodo one for powder as it does thin lines well. I have previously reviewed all my small eye brushes and the Hakuhodo J522 D2 here.

The Wayne Goss reminds me of the Hakuhodo J522 D1 that I no longer have. The only difference between the Hakuhodo D1 and D2 is the length of the hairs. The D2 is longer. My D2 has splayed out some from using it with powders. I suggest not doing that now as it makes the line wider than desirable for gel liner after it splays out. The Wayne Goss is shorter but other wise they are the same width. They feel like they have the same spring and stiffness. The Wayne Goss is $17, the Hakuhodo is $14. The Hakuhodo is made of horse hair, the Wayne Goss I’m not sure, could be the same goat as the larger brushes.

This flat, thin small style of brush is my favorite for gel lining. It gives me a controlled line that can go thick or thin. For me it’s easier to use than a longer, thin tapered traditional eyeliner brush.

To show the brushes with MAC Blacktrack Fluidline, left is the Wayne Goss, right the Hakuhodo which you can see has a touch wider line from the splaying out of the brush:

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