Wayne Goss The Air-Brush: Review & Comparison

I love Wayne Goss brushes. They’re affordable, soft and well made. They’re only available on Beautylish.com. Recently there was a limited edition release The Air-Brush. The retail was $35. It seems to be sold out for now, but you never know it may come back.

About The Air-Brush

Exquisitely soft and artfully designed by makeup artist Wayne Goss, this limited edition powder brush is the one tool you need to sculpt, buff, and bake your way to a flawless, airbrushed look.

Why It’s Special
  • Master even the most advanced makeup techniques, including contouring, baking, buffing, highlighting, and more, with the versatile tapered shape
  • Decadently soft blue squirrel bristles glide across skin to ensure a smooth, seamless finish
How to Use

Use with your favorite powder products to easily achieve the sculpted, airbrushed look you want. When angled on its thin side, the brush creates a sharp contour line. The tapered tip can be used to apply highlighter to targeted areas. Sweep blush and bronzer onto the cheeks with the large flat side. Buff powder into skin or blend away lines by moving the brush in circular motions with light pressure.

Other Details
  • Handmade by traditional artisans in Japan
  • Made with 100% cruelty-free blue squirrel fur
  • Limited edition
  • For use with powder products only
  • Full length from tip to end: 17 cm
  • Length of bristles: 3.75 cm 

Front View:

Side View:

Compared with L to R: SUQQU Cheek Brush, Wayne Goss The Air-Brush, Hakuhodo J5521, Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush:

I will compare it with the SUQQU Cheek Brush and Hakuhodo J5521 Tapered Cheek Brush, I only pictured the Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush for size comparison if you don’t have the other two.

The Wayne Goss Air-Brush is made with Grey Squirrel, it’s super soft, more so than a lot of his other ones. It’s a flat tapered paddle shaped brush with tapered sides as well. It’s not dense at all. It deposits a small amount of product, so you can start light and build up. This is perfect for a light application of color. I love it for highlighter the most. It can be used for blush and other powder products(no creams as it’s blue squirrel). I prefer it for highlighter the most. It does a fabulous job for highlighters, it’s tapered so it can do precise placement. It’s great for not overdoing your powder highlighters.

Compared to the Hakuhodo J5521, which has been my favorite brush for powder highlighter, the Air-Brush is much lighter in application. They’re both precise, but the Wayne Goss is more feathery and light and with a lighter application. The Air-Brush just became my favorite highlighter brush. The SUQQU Cheek Brush is similar in density and softness, they both give a very soft, light application. The shapes are not the same at all. The SUQQU Cheek Brush will give a much broader wide application, while the Wayne Goss Air-Brush is much more precise in it’s placement of product.

This was a great addition to the Wayne Goss line and maybe one day it will be permanent, or come back into stock seasonally. I highly recommend this brush and for the cost you can’t beat trying it.

Top to Bottom for size comparison: Tom Ford Cream Foundation, Hakuhodo J5521, Wayne Goss Air-Brush, SUQQU Cheek Brush:

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