Websites I Shop At Frequently

I thought I would put together a list of places I tend to shop at frequently as I mention some of them on occasion. Some are places you can get certain brands internationally that you can’t get here in the US. I will also add some comments about each and update this as I shop in the future as I’m sure I have forgotten many so far in this list.
You can’t get their items off any other site I’ve seen. I love their new sunscreen. Save 20% off your first order with this link:
I just discovered this for Korean beauty, they have lots of skincare you might have seen in magazines. 10% off first order of $50 when you sign up for emails. If you do shop there use this link for a referral plus it gives you $5 off your first order(everyone loves a credit):

Barney’s New York
Barney’s is where I get Surratt, some Zelens, Heeley fragrances, other niche fragrances, and some other random brands I can’t get in other places. Save up for the twice yearly Love Yourself Beauty Event, the gift bag is one of the best. It’s usually around Feb/March and Sept/Oct.
Neiman’s tends to get beauty items in before some other sites, they do offer free shipping now, but online does not accept used returns if that’s important to you. They have Tom Ford, Armani and a few other brands I get here.

NORDSTROM - Refresh your beauty routine for the new season
Nordstrom’s has long been a favorite beauty spot of mine for many reasons, free shipping, the mod card which isn’t a credit card, but uses your checking account, you get points and reward dollars by doing this without using a credit card. I buy from Nordstrom’s if I can, they also tend to sell out very quickly of limited edition items so you have to check frequently if there’s a particular item you want. They also have the best return policy hands down of the internet, no questions asked, no time limit, just mail it back even used makeup. I get Charlotte Tilbury here, Tom Ford and pretty much anything else I can.

Sephora is an old favorite as well, I remember when it was a brand new website. Free shipping over $50, free returns, they take back used product. They have a large selection of brands. Their return policy is great, it’s not as good as Nordstrom’s, but it’s second best. They have rewards and point perks.

SpaceNK the US version carries some brands, I get Zelens or By Terry here, depends what you are looking for. They have a rewards program and an awesome beauty gift bag twice a year. They only take returns on unopened/unused items. The rewards do expire, and the selection of brands is small in general.

Charlotte Tilbury
Charlotte Tilbury has a US official site now if you don’t want to use Nordstrom’s. I used to use their UK site to buy from before they launched here, but it no longer allows me to buy from the UK site, which is a bummer as they tend to get new items sometimes 6 months before the US leaving me to use Selfridges if I can’t wait 6 months.
Beautylish is a great US site, they ship superfast 2 day Fedex. They are the only place to get Wayne Goss, and they do carry select Chikuhodo brushes. They do have Charlotte Tilbury and a few other brands but it’s a limited brand site. No returns of used items accepted.
They have a limited brand selection, nice samples. This is one place where you can get Rouge Bunny Rouge in the US. They sell niche lines so I like them for a lot of things that I can’t get elsewhere. Their fun to browse for strange things you’ve never heard of before, Child perfume is exclusive here and it’s amazing.
This is a good limited brand site, they have discounts often, samples and gifts with purchase. I’ve gotten Rouge Bunny Rouge there, Mason Pearson, Drunk Elephant or other high end hair brands. It’s not uncommon to be able to get 15-20% off at the right time. They have a great return policy, and take used products back. 

Dermstore has a ton of skincare. They also have a lot of haircare and even makeup. They have high end brands and cheaper ones. If you add it to your favorites and sign up for a free account you get 10% off whatever you add to favorites then add to your cart. Even brands like Sunday Riley. They ship fairly fast, returns aren’t the best and have to be unused. I’ve gotten Drunk Elephant, Ilike Organics and many other brands here. They offer discount and codes but they do have some brand exclusions.
This is their official website, you can get online exclusives you can’t get at other retailers. They ship free over $50, and since everything is almost over $50 anyway then it’s free, they have samples too. Get $25 when you spend $100 for your first order when you use this link:

Omorovicza Cosmetics
This is their official site. The main perks of buying from them is the samples and Pengo Points which is their reward system. You get points for everything you buy, then you can use them in the future to buy more stuff with points. Points don’t expire. They do have coupon codes and gifts, sign up for their newsletter. If you’re going over there anyway click through here:

I tend to shop Ulta more in person, but they do have a better selection online. They have a point reward system. Their shipping is slow. They do offer coupons and gifts, most coupons only count on non department store brands, you get one several times a year for 20% everything even department store. I know some have difficulty getting these coupons, plus I’ve heard they changed to 10% for non platinum members, I always get them but I’ve been an Ulta member since 1997 and am usually platinum, so I’m not sure if that has something to do with it, or I’m just lucky.

Giorgio Armani Beauty
This is their official site, the main benefit to shopping here is they do get exclusives, and some things before other sites. They also have 15% off $75 sales frequently if you get emails from them. They do free shipping over $75 and offer samples, they also have great returns, you have to pay to send it back but can return used items.

Saks I shop at only when I can’t get it elsewhere. You have to use a code for free shipping, and their returns is not great only unused items. They do have brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Tom Ford and Gucci, they also get exclusives that other sites don’t get color wise sometimes.
Even though Birchbox does subscription boxes, if you don’t subscribe you can still buy from them. They have frequent discounts and carry Oribe, and many other high end brands. They usually don’t have the whole product range from a line, but I discovered OSEA Malibu there and other brands I normally wouldn’t have looked at. They have a point system which you can redeem towards products.
I order occasionally from Chanel’s official site, usually when they have an exclusive item like a nail polish or something. If you sign up for their newsletter they tell you when they get the exclusives in.
This is their official site, I have never seen them sold on any other site besides their own. I can’t live without the Anti Cyst Treatment.

Paula’s Choice
You can get Paula’s Choice at other sites, I like theirs it has fast free first class shipping, they offer codes and you can get samples of their products from their official site.
I’ve only seen OSEA on Birchbox and their official site. The official site has samples, fast priority shipping, and they do have a first time buyer code and birthday 20% off code if you sign up for emails.
I don’t buy from here often, but they do have an awesome beauty event gift bag, it’s almost as good as Barney’s or Space NK’s, around January and June every year, I usually shop there then. Similar to Neiman’s they have similar brands and returns of only unused items.
This is the place to get Hakuhodo brushes in the US. It’s $9 for priority shipping so don’t buy singles. The returns are limited read their policy online, it’s definitely unused only but I don’t think you can have removed it from the package.

Cultbeauty is hands down my favorite UK beauty supply website. They ship via Fedex if you pay that level, or registered airmail. They have awesome gift bags several times a year, frequent coupon codes, and they remove the VAT tax so their prices are lower for the US than on the website. They have a lot of new cool skincare. They have brands I cannot get here, and any UK brand such as Zelens or Omorovicza is cheaper to get through Cultbeauty than in the US, in contrast US brands like Tata Harper are more expensive to buy from them so I skip US brands from this site. I get Zelens, OSKIA, Omorovicza, Su-Man Skincare, Ling Skincare and other various brands. They do take returns from the US but you have to return it unused almost right after you got it, plus it will cost you an arm and a leg to return it with tracking, so best to research it before you buy it as you won’t be returning it from the US. *Edit to add you can no longer get Zelens shipped to the US from here per Zelens agreement as of 7/3/15.
Another great UK site that ships airmail. They have some higher end brands plus more natural skincare and cosmetics. I get Antipodes here and they have a cool sample system where you can buy up to five with an item, it’s sometimes the one place where I can get a sample of something that I usually cannot any other way.

Selfridges is a great UK site to get brands like Suqqu and other UK brands you can’t get here. They do remove VAT tax so the price is cheaper than it shows, which you need to make up for the extreme shipping cost it will cost you to get it here. Reduced to $30 to the US recently. Selfridges does also tend to get stuck in customs for messed up paperwork, but if you really love Suqqu or something else and this is the only place to get it, then you deal with DHL and paperwork every order. You cannot return to Selfridges from the US so research before you buy. You might be able to, but same as Cultbeauty the cost of airmail and tracking prohibits returns. As an update you can now get unlimited shipping to the US for $55/year that is a huge massive improvement! I just tried my first order lets see if it’s better through customs.
Ormonde Jayne has great niche fragrances they make, they ship to the US and have gifts on occasion.
CDJapan is where I get Koyudo brushes. They have a point reward system, they do expire eventually. I’ve never bought anything else there.
Ichibankao, the Japan website where I can get Suqqu, Addiction and THREE. They charge a high markup fee in addition to the item price as they custom buy it for you. Shipping is included in the price though I generally add the EMS signature shipping for around $8 when I order for insurance and tracking, plus it’s faster. You must add this when you place each order, add it from the FAQ section. I have no other way to get THREE or Addiction versus these type of sites and Ichibankao is the best from this style. There is also Cherrys Cosmetics(usually the highest marked up in price of the three) and Bon Bon Cosmetics which I have used once.
This is where you get Chikuhodo from Japan, they have lines you can’t get at Beautylish.
I’m always leery of a new foreign site, but I took a chance this last April and ordered two new Miller Harris fragrances(if you love UK fragrances you know they’re hard to get here now with their new postal regulations). They are a UK based site, they use a courier to get stuff to the US, it took a touch over a month to get it in my hands, but it was perfect when it did. You won’t get tracking when it dispatches but will get tracking once it arrives in the US and gets labeled for shipment. If you’re looking for a Miller Harris fragrance or maybe another UK one check it out, they were fast in responding to my email about how their shipping worked, and it seems like they can try to get something for you if they don’t have it listed.