YSL Volupte Tint-In-Oil Drive Me Copper #1

YSL recently came out with this tint in oil lip product. It’s a tint suspended in a deep conditioning oil. It has four oils: apricot kernel, coriander fruit, jojoba seed and passion fruit. It retails for $32 for 0.2oz. It has that newer lip shaped curved applicator that came out with the recent Gloss Voluptes. It’s lightweight, not sticky and has a fruity smell. The oil does come off within an hour which leaves you with a slight stain. It starts off as a lighter, barely there base tint that after 5-10 minutes darkens.

Drive Me Copper is a sheer fushia rose base with copper shimmer. The shimmer does feel gritty at first, but the second and third time I applied it, it didn’t feel as gritty anymore.

This is one swipe taken right after applying before it darkens:

This was five minutes later:

I then wiped it off, applied a second layer and let it darken for five minutes:

I did the same with a third pass and gave it five minutes:

This is the stain left after wiping it off:

I noticed the more times I applied it to my lips the darker that fushia base got. By the end of the day I had a very dark fushia stain. I am unsure what color all the bases turn into. I know I was hoping this one was more of a neutral base not fushia because of the copper name. I wouldn’t buy another one without knowing what that base turns into, I’m not a fushia fan but if one was more nude pink or something different I might try it. It was moisturizing, and people who like a light tint will like it, those who want more color might hate it. Overall, it was a bust for me.

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