June Sisley Subscription Box

The Sisley Paris subscription box is something I look forward to every month. I have full details about Sisley’s subscription box in the Subscription Box Info page under the Bookmarks tab. This month’s theme is A Long Weekend Beauty Break. With the official start of summer, also begin those long weekend trips that dreams are made of. The June Long Weekend curated collection is perfect to pack for your next getaway. Sample these skincare heroes as you unwind over the weekend and escape with Sisley! Bon Voyage!

Inside is:

Sisleya Essential Skin Care Lotion As the first step in your anti-aging routine, this nourishing lotion delivers moisture and anti-aging ingredients while better preparing skin to accept the active ingredients from additional skincare products.

Supremya Cream A luxurious and powerful anti-aging cream designed for use at night; a key moment for the skin’s natural repairing process. Its patent-pending plant complex offers a smoother, plumper, more radiant complexion with a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

Eye Contour Mask A fast-acting, smoothing mask that instantly reduces under-eye puffiness and dark circles. The formula works within ten minutes to hydrate the fragile eye contour and reduce signs of fatigue.

The Neck Cream This newly enriched formula provides an immediate tightening effect for visibly lifted look, along with long-term firming, contouring and refining benefits to help reshape the neck’s appearance and reduce lines.

Eau De Campagne Body Lotion Fresh and light, this fluid cream revitalizes, softens and hydrates the skin with its refreshing universally appealing scent perfectly captures the essence of the French countryside with its vibrant, green and citrusy notes.

With subscription boxes some months are a hit, some are a miss. This months Sisley subscription box was a hit. I tested the Sisleya Essential Skincare Lotion and was instantly in love. It’s so light and layers beautifully under a day lotion. It makes my skin feel so hydrated without being greasy. I tried it twice and purchased a full size–on it’s way to me now. It’s in-between a lotion and an essence in texture. It reminds me of Omorovicza’s Elemental Emulsion.

I’m sure the Supremya Cream is lovely. I haven’t tested it yet. I’ve been using the Eye Contour Mask for a few years. I love how it hydrates while I’m masking. I apply it while doing a mask to keep my eyes from drying out. It has a hydrating gel cream texture. I’ve talked about it here and it’s on my Hero Product list.

I haven’t tried the Neck Cream yet, I’m sure its nice too. I got a smaller sample of the Eau de Campagne Body Lotion in a recent box and I loved it. It’s light yet very hydrating with a non offensive strong smell. It has a citrus green scent. I’m happy to get a bigger sample.

Overall this was a great month. For less than $10 a month it’s the best subscription box if you’re a skincare addict. Check back on the samples & empties posts to see more final thoughts on items.

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